1. kmfdmlight

    need a ride to broken arrow ok from baltimore md.

    i’m a minor and im escaping an abusive household. i have a place to stay once i get there, i just need the ride. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much!
  2. dissociatecrab

    Vanlife to rock bottom

    Hey everyone. I’m Crab, or Terra (terrajayde from kik). I started out vandwelling as a way to deal with C-PTSD but that’s being put to an end after breaking down (me AND the van) in Maryland. I don’t want to be around family, I hate asking for help so now I’m here to find a way to survive even...
  3. bloodonwhitefabric

    socially inept loser leaving md

    hey, i'm M. i like industrial music, anarcho-communism, and pc games. i live with my grandma, a crazy cat lady who has been my only friend since i dropped out of highschool. my life is pretty dull, so i want to leave maryland, meet cool people, go to concerts, and get some character because i am...