1. Slnk

    Northeast/Maine Gathering

    I've decided not to head to Nationals this year in order to extensively explore the northeast region of the U.S and am curious if there is any information on the gatherings in the Northeast region. Trying to get in the woods with some folks and kick it for a short bit. Thanks homies.
  2. Cptnchuck

    looking for crew (new york - canada via n-e states)

    Looking for a third crew member to tag along and take watches, can stay till canada if all is good (passport plz) no expirience necessary, must be good natured and can spend at least three days at a time w-o drinkin. where two canadians with dogs on a 30 ft sailboat in manageable condition...
  3. bisforbeautimous

    Hey from Maine!

    Hi guys, I am new here and from Maine. I'm excited to have found this place. My whole life I've dreamt of traveling, particularly walking on trails long distances and train hopping. Seeing the world in an unconventional way, and I look forward to getting to know like minded people such as...
  4. paiche

    I'm new here, Howdy, hey, hola, greetings from Maine

    I was searching online for places for my good friend to hit up and I stumbled on this place. I'm a little shy with online community but I'm giving this a try cuz it looks so kewl and there is so much great info on here. Way to go Matt creator man! Anyway my buddy is walking across the country...
  5. M

    Dynamic Duo in Pittsburgh

    I met two travelers in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago in the Polish Hill area.We hung out and had an amazing time.We wound up crashing at the skatepark there that night and hung out into the next afternoon.The next day was around 90, and my asthma was making it impossible for me to keep up...
  6. CelticWanderer

    How is Maine?

    So, I'm thinking at the start of 2017 I'm ganna longboarding up the east coast greenway and walking/skating/hitching hiking points in between all the way up to maine (starting in Ga) anyone hung around there for a decent ammount of time as a traveler? How do the locals treat dirty kids and is...