1. Matt Derrick

    "Meet the Crusties" Esquire, January 1994

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    Hopping freights with members of the new hobo-punk movement, our outlaw reporter finds out how far seven defiantly dirty young tramps can go with no money, hardly any sleep, and the rail cops in hot pursuit. January 1 1994 - SARAH FERGUSON I HARDLY RECOGNIZED Dumpster when I found him, carting...
  2. skmohr123

    Looking to interview Hitchhikers for a Magazine in NYC

    Hi! I am working on a photo essay on The Art of Hitchhiking around the United States. As a gallery featured photographer and writer, my angle and intent is to be able to share a space of curated stories that makes freedom seem tangible. Young and old, female, male, non-binary, etc... this...
  3. Matt Derrick

    Raw portraits of the transient kids who travel america’s trains

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    so some of these pictures folks on here might have seen before, but there's some new ones, so i figured it was still worth sharing. raw portraits of the transient kids who...