1. Hellcathysteria

    Hey new cat to the Seattle area. I'm a bit lost

    Hey everyone. I'm hellcat and I just got to the Seattle area. Been couch surfing or staying in hotels from New York City to here. I kinda need friends or advice on a place to crash. I wanna meet some fresh souls asap.
  2. Brandon Taylor

    lost and soul searching.

    I'm not cool , I just need relief from the constant pressure of self-exceptionalism, I am hurting. I'm lashing out at people I care about due to their stifling adherence to their confined reality tunnels. I am living in lincoln city Oregon currently in a motel paid for by my mom.
  3. Freerange Butters

    Stupidest/Shitiest/Worst jail I've ever been to! (Prowers county jail)!!!

    Now let me tell you about my 25 day experience in this jail and why I'm so pissed off and hopefully when I'm done with my rant you'll agree with me or not :/ It all started when I was riding a through Colorado. I was heading East towards Kansas City so I could hop another train going north. I...