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    Tucson, AZ to live?

    Hey community, I'm considering moving from Minneapolis to Tucson, either at the end of this year or sometime next year. Does anyone have any wisdom on the area, that will help me survive for a long term stay? Community activity, punks and hippies, food shelves, connections, etc. I know the gem...
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    Good Winter Shelters

    Well I'm 97.8% certain I will be sleeping outside this winter. The exciting part is that I think that i have found a place to make a semi- long term shelter. I've watched a lot of videos but I'd like some advice from people who've actually done it. I'm thinking Teepee because it would obscure...
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    Squatting In Canada?

    Ok so just signed up because I see alot of people squatting in abandoned buildings but wanted to know how to go about squatting on land. I'm an American thinking about moving up to Canada (please don't laugh), around Vancouver (since its supposed to be warmer). I've never done the squatting...
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    Tips for Long Term Survival Traveling

    I'm looking for tips on being out there long term. I've got some camping skills but I want to know from the veterans some tips. Is there a piece of gear you rely on the most, how do you not go crazy not having a place to live etc. I'm gonna be out at there at least 2years this next time and...

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