1. D

    Sobahs Beddah: A public letter to my sober self about my feelings on mortality.

    I keep telling myself that Sobahs Beddah (Sobers Better for those not from Boston). I keep chugging along. Dealing with life on lifes terms. I go to meetings and connect with a few people, some who occasionally I befriend. These people become reciprocal structures of support that aid me in my...
  2. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    What I'm Thankful For...

    In my younger days, when my family got together for Thanksgiving we'd take turns saying what we are thankful for in the past year and I thought it would be interesting to see what the misfit travelers on this site are thankful for. I'll start... I'm thankful for my friends (Matt and Sara) that...
  3. TheonetheycallBren

    Well, it's 2018

    I'm still around, and I use this site every once in a blue moon, still living in the eastern part of Pennsytucky, bit cold currently but soon summer will be creeping in, so I was wondering who the heck I could find to chill and party with, and hopefully make some friends in Arizona...
  4. Benji91

    Photos The nights that count

    Over the past year or two a like minded mate and I have have seemingly (accidentally) created a little scene within a scene here in Pig City (Brisbane, Australia). After a few two many drinks and billies the other night (pic below) we got talking and realised the beautiful group of people we'd...
  5. Domnique

    Hello there!

    Hi all and every one! I am just a guy that came into "the mind of the beast" (Che Guevara word about Switzerland) by natural way it was 59 years ago. Back in the eighties, I was living ten years into a squat in Geneva. After these years, I was living an ordinary life made of work, food, drink...
  6. S


    So. i am having trouble letting go of the past. my mother just sucks shes really the worst i only thank her for life and thats not the best ,she was never the motherly type i suffered abuse and neglect and all manner of horror. i dont have a father on my birth cert it just says unknown. i have 4...
  7. Benji91

    Stagnation and The Never-ending Existential Crisis

    For whatever reason (sleep deprived, no coffee, a little baked, just another messy mind?) the description of this forum got me overthinking too much of my life...not that that's uncommon. "Why do they live the way they do?" I ask myself why. Why can't I be satisfied with staying in one play...
  8. shea

    This reckless spirit of mine

    I want to dive head first into the volcano that is my fucked up head. Im on the 2 months work 2 months play life style. I think im addicted to it. Part of me wants to be a contributing, decent member of society, but eventually greed takes control. My desire for freedom consumes me. I can blame...
  9. G

    News & Blogs Autism: My insanity keeps me sane

    Life with Autism is no different than any neurotypical person. If I don't eat I die. If I don't sleep I die. If I piss off a psychopathic thug I will get gun down. The only difference between me and a neurotypical is how I handle people. Personally, I think Autism made me into a better man. I...
  10. D

    Within less than a month

    I'm not yet 2 weeks into my job when I decide to stop sleeping at the shelter. The other shelter clients wouldn't be quiet at night and staff was making a lot of issues among the clients worse. ::rage:: On my first night outside I meet a guy through a mutual friend and we start doing hand-stuff...
  11. Ashe Anne

    Dreaming to travel, preparing to live.

    Whats up? I am SO grateful that I found this amazing website. With my time here, I plan to read and participate in many forums and to hopefully talk to some lovely people who can help direct me to a path of dream-achievement. A little about my experiences: During 2014 I went on an adventure...
  12. Whereamiwhatdoido

    Into reality

    This time I'm actually living somewhere real, I have a real room, with real heating and a real rent. That means I have to go to my real job, so they will pay me real money for my real rent so I can life in my real room with real heating. It's so unreal after 5 years on the road. Nobody cares...
  13. DrAwqward

    Too Much of Everything is just Enough

    Thought ya'll would get a kick out of this piece of art I did awhile back. When I am not on the move, to borrow an awesome statement from the late Dr.Hunter S. Thompson, I saturate myself in "copious amounts of heinous chemicals". I still enjoy to dabble, but I definitely no longer worship it...

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