1. EmmaAintDead

    The Pronouns Thread

    Okay folks. So, in another thread there was some pretty good and necessary discussion regarding pronouns, correct and incorrect use when referring to trans/non-binary people, how that impacts us, and the importance of using correct social markers when interacting with each other. Given how...
  2. croc

    Trans folk, please chime in! Cis allies, please read!

    While scrolling the "solo female travelers" thread I saw a discussion was sparked in the comments about whether saying female bodied is rude to trans masculine or nonbinary peeps, and whether the experiences of trans women who aren't out or aren't assumed to be women by people in public should...
  3. EphemeralStick

    The Sailor and the Lovers

    Hey everybody! So I just made my own milestone and published my first book on Amazon's Create Space. The focal point of the book is sex and recovery, with little bits of my travels in between. I wanted to share with you guys one of the chapters that deals with both of them and see what you...