1. midnightrocker

    Seeking Ride KY to California

    28 year old male, in eastern Kentucky who is in a long distance relationship, just looking and hoping for anyone headed west to Northern California, who would be willing to pick me up and take me with them. I don’t care what you look like, male female. All are encouraged to apply. I have a...
  2. PixieBabe

    The Trip So Far

    So far has been a blast, met a couple of cool cats in cinci, and saw some nice local hangouts. Made it out of Ohio, now we're in Kentucky and man was the walk shweet.
  3. That Guy

    If you're around Central Ky, let me know.

    I'll be around for a while and i know the good spots-
  4. undine

    Anything in kentucky?

    Hey anyone know of any squats, infoshops, anarchist social centers, projects , campigns etc In kentucky? Because I'm stuck here for a while