1. AngieU

    Hi all, Introduction

    Hey everyone! I been lurking for bout half a year now. I was in school when I started lurking, and now that Im out I thought this would be a great resource for my new-found freedom. I am sad to find that I have wrapped myself in a lot of shit while I was at it, and am now stuck where I'm at...
  2. H

    I Am Introducing Myself

    Hello. I have been reading posts on threads in forums on this site. I created a profile. I feel it now appropriate to oblige the suggestion that I make an introductory post. I've hitched a total of about 3-5 months divided in two separate trips both starting in TX headed toward CA. I caught a...
  3. BDB

    l'm in the Med; want a cruiseship and...

    to fill it with people and motor it to Israel. l saw people running from their homes into the Mediterranean-- seeking refuge, if you will-- l have to provide them with decent accommodations. Freeze dried food on a cargo ship is not fit for people. Zion is the promised land, so let's go over...
  4. SaffaMartin

    Saffa travelling the States.

    Howzit?! (South African slang for hello/wassup) Intro.... I'm South African, currently living in China. Travelling to the States for the first time in the Summer. Have done some travelling around parts of the world so far. From shady backyard "bars" to hanging out with the rich and famous...
  5. Looking4Life

    New to this but my life has no meaning

    So my introductions. I might be too old for this shit, but I also dont' care. I wanna travel. I'm halfway to death and I've never been out of the upper midwest, always had a responsibility, a job, a relationship, family to keep my anchored, but I'm living my life for someone else and it's...
  6. boozeliteyear

    Newbies looking to Hitchhike cross-country! ?

    Hello! I've been reading StP for a while now, but just posting for the first time today! As of right now, my friend Sarah and I are aiming to mostly hitchhike across the country from NYC to Los Angeles, going along the Southernmost parts of the US in mid May. We're inexperienced as hitchhikers...
  7. G

    News & Blogs Autism: My insanity keeps me sane

    Life with Autism is no different than any neurotypical person. If I don't eat I die. If I don't sleep I die. If I piss off a psychopathic thug I will get gun down. The only difference between me and a neurotypical is how I handle people. Personally, I think Autism made me into a better man. I...
  8. anticivdaddy161

    Returning member

    Been here before. Live in Salt Lake City now with my fiancee, originally from Chicago and lived a good part of my life in Indiana outside of Chicago. Most of my family are from the roughest part of south-side Chicago which is Gary, Indiana of Metro East Chicago. It's 20 minutes south of downtown...
  9. Liras

    Greetings from an aspiring Hunter-Gatherer and anprim!

    Hello everyone! I'm Liras (my preffered name) from Szczyrk, Poland. I'm 18 and I've been through quite a bit of trouble in my life especially regarding the stupidity of school system... A prodigy programmer child betrayed and destroyed by the evil civilization. How romantic... :-) But you...
  10. D


    My name is Geraldo, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The chick with purple hair and the "I will fucking murder you" eyes in my avatar is me. That terrified-looking ball of fluff in my avatar is my dog, Cujo Jonathan Bear. I'm planning on heading out in mid to late August. I've taken off...
  11. Cosmic

    Salutations from Olympia- Preparing for Launch

    I came to Washington for some temporary work, and decided to stay for the rainforests, islands, mountains, and rivers. That's the stuff I like most, so if I'm not out unicycling, I'm out exploring. Now I sleep on the couch of a relative in Olympia, and work part-time to pay off the car I arrived...
  12. EtherealLifeForms


    Hey Everyone Im Ethereal aka Jazzy. I am from Wa originally but currently in Ar. I am headed West to Slab City asap with my gee-tar, bike, kayak, hammock & most of my sanity. I suck at intros so check out my profile if youre insatiably curious :p. I am new to StP but not entirely new...
  13. Naomi Leigh

    Nya:weh' Sgeno'

    "I am thankful you are well." This is how we greet one another in my native tongue, Seneca or Onondawaga. I grew up on the Allegheny Indian reservation in western New York about an hour south of Buffalo my whole life. My tribe has more amenities and opportunities than others but it is at the...

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