introducing myself

  1. Bungus666

    Hello! Glad to be apart of this site and hope to share stories with y’all :)

    Hello everyone, I go by rust and I I’m fairly new to this website as far as posting goes. Over the years I’ve always found myself back on this site so I figured I should make an account and participate in this wonderful community. I have lots of experience hitchhiking, hiking, and bush craft...
  2. Aaron Adonis

    Ayyo, It's Ya Mans Aaron Adonis

    Hey hey hey, It's really interesting that I've stumbled across such a cool community, and I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all. Let's start with who I am. My name, if it wasn't clear enough, is Aaron Adonis. You may notice I like the letter A. I'll answer to just Aaron, Adonis, Donny...
  3. D

    Hello World [ a lame ass introduction ]

    After reading Matt's Welcome Message, I figured I may as well introduce myself to this community. My current occupation is being a miserable student (gotta make ma and pa proud) with no actual game plan for the future. With the stress of school and the fact I'm at a point where I'm constantly...
  4. WintrowVestrit

    Ola! It's me Jonathan!

    Hey what's up! I just came across this forum and damn i didn't know I had people until I found this place. I'm planning to travel the world NOMAD-style, I'm just so sick of the mainstream world and want to live life the adventureous way. Currently based in The Netherlands, but I can call any...
  5. D

    Ro wants to GO, and it doesn't matter where

    hi there :) my name is Ro! i'm 20 years old i think a wonderful 21st birthday gift to myself would be to finally escape this town i'm trapped in. i moved to Slippery Rock, PA for my ex, and for a while it felt like home even after leaving him. i don't particularly have anything to run from, just...
  6. alyko

    name is alyssa :D hope 2 conversate w u guys

    hey! my name is alyssa. i plan to travel after i get my associates degree. short intro i know but yeah nice to meet you :D
  7. Arnlaugur

    Hello my name is Arn and i'm a alcoholi.... wait wrong introduction

    Sorry title is a joke but hi stp my name is Arn found this place by accident while looking for anarchist/socialist literature on Amazon. I'm a 19 year old guy from Iceland and I'm looking to travel around Europe next summer (so if anyone has some extra advice i'd be grateful (and don't worry...
  8. cool ancom cat

    A Small Introduction

    Dear People of StP, Howdy! My name's Aidan, and I'm new in town. On a more serious note, it really is a pleasure to be a part of the forum. I was looking around for stuff about squatting, and I happened to stumble upon this website. The resources section led me to r/vagabond as well...
  9. AngieU

    Hi all, Introduction

    Hey everyone! I been lurking for bout half a year now. I was in school when I started lurking, and now that Im out I thought this would be a great resource for my new-found freedom. I am sad to find that I have wrapped myself in a lot of shit while I was at it, and am now stuck where I'm at...
  10. EugeneTvoretski

    Im Eugene and im here to introduce myself

    Betwen matchbooks of hopelessness, looking at passing freight train, for one moment i imagine how i flying across the sky straight to Damogran. Hobo culture beckons me for a long time, sometimes i just want to escape from the urban bustle, to feel nothing but sweaty t-shirt.. So repulsive, but...
  11. Flipper

    A bit of a reintroduction of sorts.

    Hey everyone, it's been a loooooooonnnnnnnnggggg ass time since I posted here. I've recently gotten active on the discord server so I thought I would reintroduce myself to ya'lls wonderful world. My name is Phillip and I currently live in GA, born and raised here all my life. I really want to...
  12. Leopluradon

    New from rhode island

    Hi I'm Leo, from Rhode island. Just wanted to put myself out there, and maybe see if anyone out there is around the southern new England area. I'm excited to learn and share new information with anyone of you.
  13. JonTheNomad

    Hello all! Intro from a El Paso,TX

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking around in the forums for some time now and figured it was about time to make an introduction post! About Me I'm JonTheNomad from El Paso! A beautifully shit border town in Texas that I can't help but love because of its shittiness. I just finished school last...
  14. BorgerKong

    Howdy Y'all! (Just a dumbass kid from MI)

    Howdy y’all! I’m Burger, and I’m a bumbling idiot. Here’s a really long post about me, because I’m conceited or whatever. ABOUT ME: HOBBIES N’ PASSIONS N’ SHIT As an internet rule of thumb, you can't make a generic intro post without sharing every single one of your interests! On that note...
  15. McFly888

    Hey y'all!

    Not familiar with internet sites or... blogs, if that's right? Still trying to navigate the site, seems pretty cool so far. So me...been traveling since 14. Just found a baby kitten someone dumped for dead behind a McDonald's ashtray, our new buddy now. I'm interested in making new friends, but...
  16. Gabby

    ☪My introduction!

    Hey! My name is Gabs and I dwell in a small city brushing shoulders with Los Angeles. I hope to be of help in this community as this community has helped me. Hopefully I make a smooth trip to Seattle, Washington and hit up Portland, Oregon on the way. I'm not too keen on how these introductions...
  17. Antonia sandoval


    Hi! I'm new here! :D I'm 31 years old looking for a studio apartment for rent in or near Largo, St. Pete F.L. Currently living in Tampa but found a job in St. Pete and need to move ASAP because my only transportation is my bicycle. Also I will like to meet people in the area!
  18. scoutwilding

    Hey all! Older trans forest elf here :D

    Hullo folx! I was on the board here a while back & decided really its where I belong. The rest of 'social media' makes me crazy. I'm an older (47), poly trans queer Anarchist forest elf who grew up in the mountains of NY state homesteading before it was cool haha. I started traveling in 1990 &...
  19. professorveritatis

    Hi there.

    Salutations! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jacob, but you can call me whatever makes you feel comfortable. I've been visiting this site for a while now, along with other online forums having to do with travel. For over five years now, I've had an itch to travel. I've done it short term...
  20. Vagabarker


    Helloo, just thought I'd say hi. Get my name on the block so to speak. I've grown up in the British scouts which teaches kids from an early age an outdoors life. Possibly the worst mistake my parents ever did was put me in scouts, because it showed me another way. I've been fasinated with...