1. Matt Derrick

    would you be interested in buying these as stickers or patches?

    Hey folks, I'm looking to make some more stickers and patches to sell in our Etsy store. I have a ton of designs that were made by the amazing @awkwardshelby and here are some of my favorite designs of the bunch: so yeah, since im on a limited budget, I'm trying to decide which of these I...
  2. J

    Counting the Nomad population

    Greetings y'all. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt while he was lounging in Slab City. Hey, I hate to say that I want to TRACK EVERYONE but I was hoping to build a bit of a census to count the uncountable. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to get a headcount of nomads in a city? I...
  3. protestandsurvive

    Heading to Germany

    Been into the idea of traveling for a while now, spent the last couple months wild camping a lot in the UK for a few nights at a time. Although last night I booked a 1 way ticket for me n a mate to Hahn Germany, figured that'd get the adventure going a bit. (plus a tenner for 2 flights, fuckin...
  4. Apple Core

    Personal Philosophy

    Do you have a philosophy, thoughts, a meaning/purpose, or a line of reasoning that relates to traveling and your overall lifestyle? Akin to the question "why do you travel", but less direct and more general. What keeps you living the life when you're at a low point? What drives you? What's...