hitchhiking across america

  1. Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    So, after a few days stuck in Fresno, CA. this idea came to me. It worked! Don't expect much love on I-5 between Bakersfield and Sacramento. Ya gotta get creative! Made the ticket money and a bit extra before the cops ran me off.
  2. Busted up dogs

    Busted up dogs

    I'm sure you've all been there. This was trying to get out of that vortex of evil named Bakersfield/Oildale. I had to sit behind a Flying J for 4 days before I could walk right again. Luckily, I had some high grade acid to get me through. That's a whole story...
  3. Tulsa Film Festival

    Tulsa Film Festival

    While hitchhiking aimlessly I saw an online friend had a film premiering at this festival so, I went! I barely skidded into town in time but it was great. I DO NOT recommend hitchhiking in Oklahoma! The whole state is against the idea! It was incredibly difficult and not even illegal. Don't.
  4. Old Sacramento

    Old Sacramento

    Met up with some online buddies and they showed me around Old Sacramento.
  5. The obligatory New Orleans shot

    The obligatory New Orleans shot

    Yup. This pic is probably my third or fourth time in New Orleans. It was St. Patrick's day and it was fun as fuck!
  6. Dealey Plaza-Dallas, Texas

    Dealey Plaza-Dallas, Texas

    Had ALWAYS wanted to visit this spot where such a great man was murdered. I "slept" in a church doorway that night and panhandled EXACTLY enough money to get into the depository exhibit the next day. Deeply moving.
  7. Tripping on a boat in Iowa

    Tripping on a boat in Iowa

    I was just kind of aimlessly hitchhiking and this guy picks me up who was on his way to test his new boat motor so, after getting really excited about my travels, he offered me some shrooms he had and a "trip" on his boat! Ha! Great fun!
  8. Continental Divide

    Continental Divide

    Always wanted to make it to one of these! Ended up hitting a couple this last trip. Hitchhiking through the Rocky Mountains in January...yah. It was spectacular!
  9. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful
  10. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful
  11. HitchTube

    Hitchhiking across Planet Earth

    First post! Hitchhiking across Planet Earth, gonna Vlog each day! I will be hitchhiking across the Americas, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. HitchTube Here's me hitchhiking in Haiti:
  12. BuiltForComfortNotSpeed

    New Here and Ready to Go. Any Takers?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in NW Ohio and leaving within the next two weeks. Don't know where I'm going yet so I'm up for ideas for a warmer area and prefer being able to work. My ultimate goal would be to get back to rubber tramping. I don't have a vehicle since I haven't needed one in the...
  13. amines

    My American DreamPhotos 

    So, I'm familiar with the concept of writing, but I keep my writing to myself, so this'll be a little weird. Oh, and I write in details usually so the US trip would be a long thread, so I'll try to keep it short. *takes a shot* "You have been randomly selected for a security check" moments...