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    Beginning of year
  2. titania


    Hi, I have been browsing this forum for a while now trying to gather information and research the type of adventures I am looking to have in my short time on this earth, and the even shorter amount of time on this earth that I will spend being so capable and young. Decided to join today kind of...
  3. M

    Solo Female Hitching Den-SF

    So, I'm 18, and tired of mundane 9-5 societal life, and am ready to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, and personal freedom. I'm headed from Denver to San Francisco solo.. I'm semi-new to this, but am excited for something new. Debating if I want a road dog or if I can do it alone.. Any...
  4. HitchTube

    Slept outside at -30ºC Winter Hitchhiking across Canada

    -30ºC = -22F
  5. trickdaley

    Video HOW TO HITCHIKE - 7 Tips to Take With you

    Many people have asked me for tips on how to hitchhike after watching my videos. Here is my response in the form of 7 tips. Do any of you have similar tips? Different ones? Share them here! Subscribe to my channel here: youtube.com/truetransient
  6. trickdaley

    Mind of A Hitchhiker with Where's Woncho - VIDEO with Crazy Threesome Story

    I traveled a bit in Thailand with my friend and veteran hitchhiker Woncho from Where's Woncho We discuss the hitchhiking mindset and he tells a funny story about a threesome proposition on the road. Let me know what you guys think! I think some of you may be able to relate to the stories in...
  7. trickdaley

    Hitchhiking Across the USA - Walking Into California VIDEO

    The FINAL video in my Hitchhiking Across the USA series. I am surprised by the lack of willing drivers along Highway 101. Enjoy. Please like and subscribe if you are into my series :)

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