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    Beginning of year. Down South
  2. justanotherperson

    The lifestyle: How did you start out?

    What made you start traveling? How did you discover this alternative lifestyle was for you.? For me i had read some books as a kid that lightly touched on the subject of tramping. At the time i was dead set on joining the military, i thought that was that best way to prove myself, enrich myself...
  3. SuneeShines

    Seeking Ride Rainbow Gathering Oregon

    Me and my close brother are coming out of White Salmon taking the 84 to Biggs junction and then south east towards John Day. For the Annual Rainbow Gathering. Or as far as you're going. We're friendly and very open conservationists. Send some Love our way. From Sunee Shines and Brad. Message me...
  4. Billy Cougar White

    Hitch hiking trip to Tofino.....hippies, shrooms, and a commune

    My friend Mike and I are both laid off and needed to get some travelling out of our systems before we go back to work for the season. We decided to hitch hike to Tofino BC, a surfing town on the west coast of Vancouver island. so we packed a couple days of Mr. Noodles, and cheap granola bars...
  5. Matt Hatter

    How I accidentally went to Florida

    I'm new here, so I thought maybe I'd share a story! This one is about how I was planning to go to NOLA for the first time, but then accidentally went to Florida! So it starts out I was in Pelham, AL. I spent a couple days camped out in a state park nearby, but I began running low on supplies so...
  6. Matt Derrick

    Video Hitchhiking an Airplane

    Saw an article about this a while back, so I saw this video which kinda shows it from a first person perspective (and in video instead of an article).
  7. Max Arman

    U.S. West Coast -- Hike, freight-hopping, hitchhiking

    Will be in San Francisco from the 17th and intend to travel anywhere and everywhere in the space of two months (initially along the W/C, further south or north) and meet people. Anyone in the area want to travel together? Starting in San Francisco then hitchhiking to S. Cruz -- will probably...
  8. Matt Derrick

    Library Video Things I Wish I Knew | Hitchhiking Tips & Advice

    Some great hitchhiking advice from @HippieGangster; It's nice to see more StP'ers making videos!
  9. Corinne

    road dawg needed for south america trip

    pretty much title says all. I just booked my flight to peru in late September. and it would be nice to have some company. we will hitchhike, busk, take buses and walk through South America. it will be fun! yes a passport is needed and no I don't have money to support you. hit me up! :)
  10. Matt Derrick

    Library A hitchhiker's logbook

    I've had this bookmarked for a while and thought it might be of use to people that are really into hitchhiking: http://www.hitchlog.com/en Basically it's a place to catalog your hitchhiking adventures but also share previous experiences and possibly find others to hitchhike with or get rides from.
  11. Sofooui

    Any badass chicks wanna hitch?

    Hello! my name is Sofia, Im currently in Eugene Oregon. I am looking to leave my car here and hit the road with my backpack again. Im looking for a badass (preferably a girl) to hitch out with me and have some fun for the next month. I'm planning on going to the rainbow gathering next month in...
  12. Geraldo


    My name is Geraldo, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The chick with purple hair and the "I will fucking murder you" eyes in my avatar is me. That terrified-looking ball of fluff in my avatar is my dog, Cujo Jonathan Bear. I'm planning on heading out in mid to late August. I've taken off...
  13. HitchTube

    Video Hitchhike Haiti

    Hitchhiking in Haiti:
  14. HitchTube

    Video Hitchhike to my Tinder Match

  15. HitchTube

    Video How to Hitch an Airplane

    It is possible to hitchhike to remote places, such as Greenland and Nunavut Hitching a private airplane:
  16. HitchTube

    Slept outside at -30ºC Winter Hitchhiking across Canada

    -30ºC = -22F
  17. HitchTube

    Hitchhiking across Planet Earth

    First post! Hitchhiking across Planet Earth, gonna Vlog each day! I will be hitchhiking across the Americas, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. HitchTube Here's me hitchhiking in Haiti:
  18. trickdaley

    Video HOW TO HITCHIKE - 7 Tips to Take With you

    Many people have asked me for tips on how to hitchhike after watching my videos. Here is my response in the form of 7 tips. Do any of you have similar tips? Different ones? Share them here! Subscribe to my channel here: youtube.com/truetransient
  19. trickdaley

    Mind of A Hitchhiker with Where's Woncho - VIDEO with Crazy Threesome Story

    I traveled a bit in Thailand with my friend and veteran hitchhiker Woncho from Where's Woncho We discuss the hitchhiking mindset and he tells a funny story about a threesome proposition on the road. Let me know what you guys think! I think some of you may be able to relate to the stories in...
  20. MolotovMocktail

    Austin, TX

    This thread is about Austin, Texas. All discussions and information about Austin should go here.