hitchhike across america

  1. AaronOnTheRoad


    Okay here in about a week i will be heading to Montana with a road dog. Once we get there i want to hit the west coast cause I've never been. I will be crossing the way to get to my dads house. Should i stop by and get a hoodie and maybe a long sleeve shirt. Im having a feeling that it's going...
  2. MarcellZ

    Looking for advice of road dogs of the States

    Hello everyone, I've been a casual fan of this site for the past years, and for the first time, I'm planning a hitchhiking trip. Also first time in the States. I'm looking for the advice of experienced travelers about my journey plan...
  3. HitchTube

    Slept outside at -30ºC Winter Hitchhiking across Canada

    -30ºC = -22F