hitch hiking

  1. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    Hitching across Iowa

    Trying to get from Dubuque to Sioux City to play a gig. Anyone have experience hitching in this state?
  2. Chokechain

    First Post: Escape from Eureka

    Hello stp ::cat:: Stumbled upon this community while reading up on trainhopping, something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I was homeless for about 4 years and now that I’m living in an apartment in Eureka again, I’m getting that stuck, anxious feeling once more. I’m depressed...
  3. Maestro

    Ontario To Vancouver/Tofino

    Hey guys im new on here! Very nice place you guys got here. So anyways basically ive been a cog in the machine my whole life. I just turned 29 and im done with this society we live in! I've given myself 2 monthes to get my pack, gear and a gopro. Im going to be riding the freight and hitch...
  4. Synthect

    Hitch-hiking Alaska

    I'm looking for a person to travel with hitch hiking or any advice for hitching Alaska. Currently situated in Anchorage looking to either travel to Girdwood or Seward first (or anywhere you can suggest too). I have my own supplies and whatnot and travel with medical supplies. I can give you...
  5. Funky k

    Tennessee to California

    I’m trying to find someone to travel with from Tennessee to California I have no car so I will be backpacking or if anyone is headed that way and has room for one more that would be awesome
  6. RamblingRiverBear

    hitching on the east coast preferred female road dog

    If you're green it's ok. (I play shows so I hope yiou like folk punk)
  7. dumpsternavel

    Shortest amount of time you hitched Cross Crounty

    Hey y'all! I'm very interested in all of you thumbin' jackass' responses in regards to the quickest amount of time you got across the whole country, via "bummin' a ride." ;) I'll be embarking on my first cross-country hitch along the I-40 here soon. Gonna try to make it from NC ~ Socal within...
  8. Tall Sam Jones

    West Coast

    Hello friends. I am a traveling musician. I hitch hike and hop around the Western US, busking on my saxophone to make a living. Today I am leaving Walla Walla, WA for Portland, OR. From there, I'll try to hop out of the Portland yard headed south, and barring that I'll hitch hike. My...
  9. Caro

    Hitchin' around Spain/France. Open to hoppin. HMU if you're nearby!

    Hey folks, I'm in Spain for September with no concrete plans other than hitchin' south at some point. If you're here or know something interesting about Spain, let me know. Cheers
  10. Enosh Alcairo

    Looking for Young (under 21) bay area folks interested in traveling

    Hey 18 year old asian dude living in sf looking for potential travel partners/ friends in the bay area. Right now im just looking for other folks to hangout with and plan an adventure with. I planning to head out in october/ November. I have one train hopping experience under my belt, went solo...
  11. AaronOnTheRoad

    Gear you need for hitchhiking.

    Hitchhiking is fun and rewarding way of travel but you're going to need gear to hitchhike. So, I'm making a list for the new hitchhikers that wants to hitchhike, but has no idea what to pack. One more thing i need to express before i make this list. The gear i list is opinion based. Some gear...
  12. AaronOnTheRoad

    what cracks me up

    When trying to hitch a ride and the driver shakes their head in sync with the passenger and don't even know they was in sync. Cracks me up
  13. G

    How to ride share my way across America?

    Hi, I traveled by my own car and the Greyhound (the horror, the horror). I was wondering how to use rideshare sites like Squat the Planet and Craiglist to get across the vast country?
  14. MarcellZ

    Looking for advice of road dogs of the States

    Hello everyone, I've been a casual fan of this site for the past years, and for the first time, I'm planning a hitchhiking trip. Also first time in the States. I'm looking for the advice of experienced travelers about my journey plan...
  15. Billy Cougar White

    Hitch hiking trip to Tofino.....hippies, shrooms, and a commune

    My friend Mike and I are both laid off and needed to get some travelling out of our systems before we go back to work for the season. We decided to hitch hike to Tofino BC, a surfing town on the west coast of Vancouver island. so we packed a couple days of Mr. Noodles, and cheap granola bars...
  16. S

    new to most of this,

    hi! my name's izze, i'm looking to get out of sacramento for awhile and wander once i figure out what i'm going to do with school. i'm currently a senior in highschool and it is taking a toll on my mental health which has already affected me for a long time now. i plan to either get my ged...
  17. Mustbenice

    Florida be gone!

    Hey all. To put it simple -- I'm looking to get the hell out of florida. Been here two years and my lease is ending soon so it time to bounce! I heard once that if you stand in one place for too long you should throw a grenede where you stand, jump and pray. Of course I'm not planning on...
  18. Garminbozia

    An adventure looking for kindness of strangers. Hitchhiking through Florida

    4:51pm 10/10/16 St.Cloud, FL. "......I don't know who, or how often I will be picked up, so either all or the most interesting answers will be in here. I am expecting to walk a lot. And a few things to consider is that some highways have multiple lanes. To be in a lane farthest...
  19. Freyr

    Video Looking Back...

    Getting ready to hit the road again. Looking back at some random footage from last year. This is only from late 2015 Oct-November. For the rest of the year I was pretty hammered in the South East. Too hammered to record anything honestly. Enjoy! (Song: Chill Bill - Rob $tone)
  20. Daman45

    I Survived the Greyhound and now I am hitchking

    I took a Greyhound bus for a cheaper way to travel across America (Spent about $80 for around trip to Atlanta Georgia and back to West Palm Beach Florida). First time was not so bad. The second time was like being in a Third-world country. Willing to take my chances Hitchhiking, I need some...