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    The beautiful city of Portland.
  2. FawnGone

    After 18 years of housie life... Back on my bullshit

    Hi everyone! New to this site so here's a bit about me.... I started squatting at 15, traveling/hitching/hopping at 16. Traveled all over the country multiple times that way until I got pregnant at 20 and got off the road for my kid... Did a lot of domestic, responsible shit in the past 17 years...
  3. Vmem

    Hello there introducing myself

    Hey there, A free spirit hippie here. My boyfriend and I are planning on traveling by train or hitch hiking. We were thinking South. Or somewhere warm. We are located in upstate NY. We have been living on the streets for a few years in a tent in the woods. We are both pretty resorceable which...
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    (Over exposed role)
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  6. Bungus666

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    When I turned 18 I hitchhiked from WA to Portland OR. After lots of soul searching I decided to go to Alaska. I stayed all around the Kenai Peninsula for almost 3 years before returning to WA. I met lots of very nice and a few not so nice folks. I worked for housing and made work connections...
  7. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 4)

    "What do you mean you can't take me to Vegas?" "Apparently some other guy got that load, and dispatch is trying to send me to Montana. I'm sorry." I rubbed my eyes and tried to think quickly enough that I wouldn't go into panic mode. I had just woken up to the news that a promised ride after a...
  8. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver To California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 3)

    The most surprising thing about Salt Lake City was how kind it was to me. A weekend full of lovely coincidences, happy surprises, and a boost of morale that I super needed. Steve dropped me off at a Walmart off of I-15, and I immediately started making my way to the closest gay bar for a cold...
  9. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 2)Photos 

    I woke up. I heard voices. It was still pitch black outside so it had to be at least before 5am. I looked to the north and saw a flashlight scanning the trees a little ways up the path from us. The flashlight was getting closer. I didn't know what to make of it, I didn't know whether to wake up...
  10. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 1)Featured 

    "Ugh if I didn't get tickets to PUP in February I could've stayed in Vegas goddamit." I had just gotten back to Denver after touring California with my band Rotten Reputation, and was faced with the task of heading back almost immediately to LA for a music festival I had said yes to playing a...
  11. Big ol Truck Stop

    Big ol Truck Stop

    Passed it twice while traveling. One of these days I’m actually gonna stop there and see what’s what.
  12. Honey Crust

    This Was Written

    Driving along I-80 in a part of Iowa I’ve never been Sitting in the passenger seat of a car that I don’t own that’s being driven by a man that I don’t know Watching the hills roll by framed by overpasses without off ramps My pack in the back and my water jug at my feet I have never felt so...
  13. Taming the Tiger

    Scaredy Cat on the Spectrum Says Hi!

    Hey folks, Taming the Tiger here. I grew up in a boring suburb of LA where my bright yet scattershot, weird, autistic self stood out like Jehri Curl on a tuxedo. I lived in other places for six years after high school, came back after giving up on what I thought was my dream, got my driving...
  14. skmohr123

    Looking to interview Hitchhikers for a Magazine in NYC

    Hi! I am working on a photo essay on The Art of Hitchhiking around the United States. As a gallery featured photographer and writer, my angle and intent is to be able to share a space of curated stories that makes freedom seem tangible. Young and old, female, male, non-binary, etc... this...
  15. Skinzthehobo

    Howdy doodily, neighboreeno

    Hello everyone, im Skinz. Ive been out here for about 6 months, before that only a week or two at a time, small bouts of travel. I started in NY and made my way west. Now im traveling south for the winter (kinda like my grandparents used to, but without the rv and the vacation home). Ive hopped...
  16. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    Hitching across Iowa

    Trying to get from Dubuque to Sioux City to play a gig. Anyone have experience hitching in this state?
  17. Chokechain

    First Post: Escape from Eureka

    Hello stp ::cat:: Stumbled upon this community while reading up on trainhopping, something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I was homeless for about 4 years and now that I’m living in an apartment in Eureka again, I’m getting that stuck, anxious feeling once more. I’m depressed...
  18. Maestro

    Ontario To Vancouver/Tofino

    Hey guys im new on here! Very nice place you guys got here. So anyways basically ive been a cog in the machine my whole life. I just turned 29 and im done with this society we live in! I've given myself 2 monthes to get my pack, gear and a gopro. Im going to be riding the freight and hitch...
  19. Synthect

    Hitch-hiking Alaska

    I'm looking for a person to travel with hitch hiking or any advice for hitching Alaska. Currently situated in Anchorage looking to either travel to Girdwood or Seward first (or anywhere you can suggest too). I have my own supplies and whatnot and travel with medical supplies. I can give you...
  20. dumpsternavel

    Shortest amount of time you hitched Cross Crounty

    Hey y'all! I'm very interested in all of you thumbin' jackass' responses in regards to the quickest amount of time you got across the whole country, via "bummin' a ride." ;) I'll be embarking on my first cross-country hitch along the I-40 here soon. Gonna try to make it from NC ~ Socal within...
  21. AaronOnTheRoad

    Gear you need for hitchhiking.

    Hitchhiking is fun and rewarding way of travel but you're going to need gear to hitchhike. So, I'm making a list for the new hitchhikers that wants to hitchhike, but has no idea what to pack. One more thing i need to express before i make this list. The gear i list is opinion based. Some gear...
  22. AaronOnTheRoad

    what cracks me up

    When trying to hitch a ride and the driver shakes their head in sync with the passenger and don't even know they was in sync. Cracks me up
  23. MarcellZ

    Looking for advice of road dogs of the States

    Hello everyone, I've been a casual fan of this site for the past years, and for the first time, I'm planning a hitchhiking trip. Also first time in the States. I'm looking for the advice of experienced travelers about my journey plan...
  24. Billy Cougar White

    Hitch hiking trip to Tofino.....hippies, shrooms, and a commune

    My friend Mike and I are both laid off and needed to get some travelling out of our systems before we go back to work for the season. We decided to hitch hike to Tofino BC, a surfing town on the west coast of Vancouver island. so we packed a couple days of Mr. Noodles, and cheap granola bars...
  25. S

    new to most of this,

    hi! my name's izze, i'm looking to get out of sacramento for awhile and wander once i figure out what i'm going to do with school. i'm currently a senior in highschool and it is taking a toll on my mental health which has already affected me for a long time now. i plan to either get my ged...
  26. Garminbozia

    An adventure looking for kindness of strangers. Hitchhiking through Florida

    4:51pm 10/10/16 St.Cloud, FL. "......I don't know who, or how often I will be picked up, so either all or the most interesting answers will be in here. I am expecting to walk a lot. And a few things to consider is that some highways have multiple lanes. To be in a lane farthest...
  27. RainyDaze

    Looking Back...Video 

    Getting ready to hit the road again. Looking back at some random footage from last year. This is only from late 2015 Oct-November. For the rest of the year I was pretty hammered in the South East. Too hammered to record anything honestly. Enjoy! (Song: Chill Bill - Rob $tone)
  28. Daman45

    I Survived the Greyhound and now I am hitchking

    I took a Greyhound bus for a cheaper way to travel across America (Spent about $80 for around trip to Atlanta Georgia and back to West Palm Beach Florida). First time was not so bad. The second time was like being in a Third-world country. Willing to take my chances Hitchhiking, I need some...
  29. elliemichele

    Hey guys, first time female traveler here.

    Hey everyone, it's always been a dream of mine to travel without a car etc. Decided it's (finally) time to leave. Always been interested in trains and hitchhiking since I was a kid. I'm leaving from North East Pennsylvania, I'm hoping to end up somewhere in the west. Any advice/tips is...
  30. Max Arman

    U.S. West Coast -- Hike, freight-hopping, hitchhiking

    Will be in San Francisco from the 17th and intend to travel anywhere and everywhere in the space of two months (initially along the W/C, further south or north) and meet people. Anyone in the area want to travel together? Starting in San Francisco then hitchhiking to S. Cruz -- will probably...
  31. Matt Derrick

    Things I Wish I Knew | Hitchhiking Tips & AdviceVideo 

    Some great hitchhiking advice from @HippieGangster; It's nice to see more StP'ers making videos!
  32. Koala

    Hitchhiking the west coast - USAPhotos 

    Hey everyone, I'm Juls and I'm one of the StP'ers who has been half silently lurking around in the darkness for a year or so, learning a thing or 2, saying something every once and a while but never contributing anything really substantial. I've been reading some of y'alls stories on here and...
  33. J


    Any tips, advice, recommendations, "must-sees". How bad are the bears... anyone know if boat or flight is the only way to get to glacier bay national park? has anyone ridden alaska rail...?