1. HellenicEmpireofCimbrun

    Hello from Cimbrun!

    Hello. I am Alyx I, of a micronation known as Cimbrun, located in Arkansas. A friend and ally with which we plan to do trade, Silver of the Argentium Republic, has brought me here. We plan on hiring farmers, construction workers, and sailors (which is good here, considering there's an entire...
  2. professorveritatis

    Hello Again

    Close to a year ago, I posted on here saying that I was going to be leaving on my 25th birthday and not looking back. Well, that didn't go as planned, and I ended up staying in Job Corps and coming to DC to do Advanced Training. I'll be done with Job Corps completely this October and will have a...
  3. heatdeath

    Hey yall, from the north bay

    Hey dudes/dudettes/nonbinary-dudelings, my name is Heat (yes) and im from the north bay area. Currently looking over the bay into sf right now, as much as I hate the snobs who live in marin they have nice weather. Anyways, I'm a dole junkie about to quit my job because my boss is a neo-liberal...
  4. Terri Autry


    Hey y'all I'm Terri, just a dirty mountain kid who's favorite pass times are reading books, shooting guns, music, thinking, old trucks and camping. I learned about STP after hearing about Dirty Scout Jamboree at Plan it X fest last year. Iv been browsing here for a few months, so i guess its...
  5. Matt Hatter

    Hi, this is my introduction

    My name is Matt, I'm 24 years old. I started traveling full time a little over a year ago. At this point I'm addicted. any time I settle down for too long I start to get that "itch" everyone talks about. Why fight it? I mostly hitchhike. It's simple and gets you where you need to go. I've hopped...
  6. S

    Hello world.

    Hello world.
  7. indigofox

    I wanted to say hi to everyone. Been lurking awhile and finally joined in. After traveling in bursts

    Hey everybody! Like I said, been lurking a long time. Gone on travels and about to go again. Due to a grow op that i decided aint gonna work. I'm just finishing what beer I can't carry ATM. Lookin forward to swapping some stories!
  8. NattyKiwi

    Left home in AprilPhotos 

    So, I thought id say hey to everybody and share some info on my journey so far. Iv wanted to leave for a very long time, and always talked about living a more free life of travels, meeting people, sharing, and just experiencing life in general. Good and Bad. Everyone who knew me would pretty...
  9. Driftwoodbnsf


    Hello all, I just joined today but have followed stp for quite awhile. You guys are my heroes. I haven't traveled too much as my current life limits the time I have, but I have ridden a couple of trains here in Montana on short trips. I also built a tiny house on a truck and lived in...