1. Matt Derrick

    Life in a Magical Gypsy Vardo Style Caravan

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    Gypsy Vardo Wagons have become something of a symbol of freedom. The home of the traveller, yet home none-the-less. For Frenchy, a young woman from Wellington, New Zealand who works in performance arts and frequently travels, building her own Gypsy-Vardo-Style Caravan was the ideal housing...
  2. The Heron and the frog

    Pulling a gypsy caravan wagon with a tractor?

    This is kind of an announcement. An announcement to a public I hope will be more understanding to what I plan to do more than any other regular Jim from the Gym. So here it is! I WILL MAKE A GYPSY WAGON and pull it with a tractor! Call me stupid, naive, overly romantic and I will say yes, but...
  3. The Heron and the frog

    I saw the light in 2014

    I saw the nomad light in 2014. I took my backpack, walked out of the front door and started hitchhiking. England, Scotland, 1 month in Ireland, 2 weeks in Iceland, 1 month in Canada and 6 months in the US of which 3 months in a canoe rowing down the Mississippi. Now back in Belgium I...
  4. indigofox

    I wanted to say hi to everyone. Been lurking awhile and finally joined in. After traveling in bursts

    Hey everybody! Like I said, been lurking a long time. Gone on travels and about to go again. Due to a grow op that i decided aint gonna work. I'm just finishing what beer I can't carry ATM. Lookin forward to swapping some stories!