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    Poppin a squat. Selfie style.
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    Pensacola FL tag
  3. roughdraft

    Photos Public Art: various locales in Chile & a few from Buenos Aires

    sup yall? just wanted to share some of the photos i took of graffiti and other public art in the urban areas from my first trip to Chile and Argentina - if you are curious about what street art down that way looks like, you have come to the right place ::photogenic:: these were from the...
  4. izmonk

    The Recommended intro thread: Me edition

    Hello SP, I'll go by IZMO here, my tag, for anonymity (at least for now since I'm new). I discovered SP because I frequent CSX yards to bomb and also when I need a place to think or be alone. I found some old photos in a stationhouse of hobos riding and camping on boxcars, and in looking for...
  5. No god, No master

    No god, No master

    One of my favorite !! Was located in Ronse , belgium. On a abandoned old nursing school. But sadly they demolished it some years ago
  6. A

    Krink Recipes

    Ok I thought I'd share my krink and junobo recipes for those of u who like to tag. I haven't used all of these but I figured I'd share them anyways. Krink and Junobo am are among the various brands of inks used in mops or dabbers for tagging. These recipes are for those of you who like DIY...
  7. A

    Wheatpaste Tutorial

    Looks like I may be taking my art to the street soon so I wanted to share this info I found over at bombing science. Its an art website just to be clear. There s no actual bombs. So, you wanna know all about wheatpasting huh? Well heres how it is....wheatpaste is pretty much a glue made by...
  8. Slingshot Collective

    Barrington Hall-Berkeley (1990)

    This is an old image from Love and Rage. One of us found this video of graffiti from Barrington Hall when it was still a student housing co-op: This is actually where the first hand full of issues of Slingshot were laid out! There's a bit more on this website...
  9. Matt Derrick

    Video INDECLINE: Largest Graffiti Mural In the World

    it totally baffels me that this video only has 70,000 views. i'm definitely adding this to my list of places to visit one day. Created by AWARE. Directed by Ryen McPherson Aerial Coverage by SWIFT AERO
  10. MolotovMocktail

    Austin, TX

    This thread is about Austin, Texas. All discussions and information about Austin should go here.
  11. Kelly campanile

    Photos Cartoonist

    -Graffiti pier -Sketchbook -Blackbook comic published in PORK magazine from Portland Oregon -Street art, Second Empire, West Philly. - Original sketch, travels around with me because I haven't found a place for it yet. -Abandoned auto parts factory - Post card character Hey...