free spirit

  1. aviewavie

    The beauty of Simplicity

    Sometimes it's the most simple things that make the most heartfelt sounds. There has always been glass bottles around just waiting for air, and of course the harmonica is a pocket worthy instrument. I've come to find I'd miss my acoustic guitar, but wouldn't be up for carrying it.. maybe a banjo...
  2. CohesionHouse

    Fort Casey, WA

    A few of our comrades went to Fort Casey yesterday. Here's a short clip of our experience on Whidbey Island.
  3. Whereamiwhatdoido

    Up to no good

    Hi squatters of the planet, misfits and fellow guardians and representatives of openmindedness and free spirits. Being a Dane who went away from his country and birthplace at the age of 19, just to find that the world has so much to offer that isn't available in Denmark, I've become a wellknown...