free food

  1. findfoot

    HOUSELESS RECORDS: Front Porch Tour

    Hi humans, I have these projects and I'm working on a house show tour August - November 2019. Calling all musicians and people to check it out and maybe get involved. This is letter has more details and a cheesy anecdote (cause it was aimed towards housies). Wanna host a show...
  2. Dunedrifter

    Free lunch for volunteering at the Food Bank

    So I’ve worked at a food bank for the past year, and have some insight as to how you can get a belly full of good food for a few hours of volunteering your time. Most every small town has a food bank, and if you show up to help sort produce, stock shelves, sweep, or whatever needs to be done...
  3. Hoboculturalist

    Dumpster-divers or freegans in Wisconsin?

    Looking for comrades in the area. I know some good spots, if you want to partner up.