1. Kaine

    For Sustainability, Balance and Symbiosis!

    Hello my cousins! I'd like to make my current mission public, in hopes of recruiting others who would like to be involved with it. So over the past few years I've workstayed on a few different farms learning some of the ways of permaculture forest gardening, traditional row farming, and urban...
  2. mazapunx

    Free wood cabins around Europe?¿

    Hii!!:):) I'm looking for some cabins around Europe. Could anyone help me or offert me some plan?? i need some place to rest from this fucking world, and find somewhere where i could do my shitty stuff Thanks you all!::cat::
  3. Gregory

    Leaving for the Wilderness, living off of nature

    Hi , I have been a backpacker all of my life and wilderness survival guide. I am going back into the remote wilderness to live in nature, away from society and man made things. I am looking for a partner and had rather have a female that has the will and desire to go off grid and into the...
  4. Garnet Henderson

    Want to talk to me for a VICE article?

    Hi everyone, I'm a freelance journalist working on an article for VICE about people living in U.S. National Forests, both by choice or because of hardship. It's a follow-up of sorts to an article I wrote about the housing shortage in my hometown, Jackson Hole (can't link to it because I'm a...