1. Coywolf

    'Residential' camping and squatting on Public land

    Not sure if I should put this is squatting, orwilderness seemed better here. Hey all, I am creating this thread to see what people's experiences have been with the recent push by the Forest Service and BLM to limit 'Residential camping'. As I have noticed recently, the FS and...
  2. mazapunx

    Free wood cabins around Europe?¿

    Hii!!:):) I'm looking for some cabins around Europe. Could anyone help me or offert me some plan?? i need some place to rest from this fucking world, and find somewhere where i could do my shitty stuff Thanks you all!::cat::
  3. Gregory

    Leaving for the Wilderness, living off of nature

    Hi , I have been a backpacker all of my life and wilderness survival guide. I am going back into the remote wilderness to live in nature, away from society and man made things. I am looking for a partner and had rather have a female that has the will and desire to go off grid and into the...
  4. Garnet Henderson

    Want to talk to me for a VICE article?

    Hi everyone, I'm a freelance journalist working on an article for VICE about people living in U.S. National Forests, both by choice or because of hardship. It's a follow-up of sorts to an article I wrote about the housing shortage in my hometown, Jackson Hole (can't link to it because I'm a...

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