flying a sign

  1. sib.jpg


    Made this sign on my way to summer solstice two years ago. Made a few quid.
  2. sydaavicious

    Flying signs across Kansas

    Hey, anyone have any tips or spots you’ve done well at before? Also, anything to see or do in Kansas I shouldn’t miss?
  3. germanbini

    Obligatory handshake :)

    Hello everyone! Sometime lurker, recently decided to make a few posts. I'm a 55-year-old woman with a conversion van, and really enjoy traveling the country whenever I get the chance. I posted in the "road dawg" section hoping to find a fellow adventurer to spend time with. I appreciate all of...
  4. otch0z

    Ethics of busking/flying signs in poorer countries while traveling

    Hello everyone, First of all I'm not really sure if that question has been raised before, if so I couldn't find the right thread. So this is a very bad video from youtube, which is more or less the same as the one I saw, but which is on facebook and in french (so I can't really post it here)...