1. rhummer92

    The Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering 2020

    The Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering! Dec 10-16th, 2020 Weblink: Global Eclipse- Patagonia Gathering 10-16 Dec 2020 - I bought a super early bird ticket to this! I have zero plans in terms of getting there & no one else involved in the idea. At the moment it’s 1...
  2. seeking existence

    2017 Jamboree Possibilities: Great American Total Eclipse

    GREAT AMERICAN TOTAL ECLIPSE: T-MINUS 434 DAYS (August 21 2017 Monday - 10:00AM Pacific Time) While preparations and plans are already underway and in formation for the great Jamboree of 2016, I wanted to propose a possible location(s) for the 2017 Jamboree. With adequate planning, next...