1. Muskratn

    Lets play a game

    Hello you wonderful heathens! So, I cut off my dreadlocks a few months ago and I've been placing them around the pacific north west, let's see if you guys can find them best of luck! (i'll buy you dinner if you do find them). they are mostly in nature by the way. Anyone else leave things for...
  2. NattyKiwi

    Photos Any other Dreadheads out there ?

    Aloha! Howzit guys ? I was looking for a thread about dreads and anything that has to do with them weather it be pictures, stories, or pros and cons about them while on the road. Mine are about 2 months old now but the ocean has helped a ton. So ill just post a pic of mine now days, and lets...
  3. HippieGangster

    Greetings fellow hitchhikers!

    I'm Catlin and I've been hitchhiking around for the past 2 years, over 19 states and 8,000 miles. STP has taught me tons of things about hitchhiking which I'm super grateful for. And therefore, with the urging of a fellow STPer (thanks Bruce!), I decided to make an account and share my story...