1. Lobostonto

    Janky $10CAD bug netPhotos 

    Pit stop at the papitos house to put these bug nets on. Yes, they're very fucking janky but if it works it works, amirite? $6CAD exterior window netting from Canadian Tire and Gorilla tape $4CAD
  2. Abirdperson

    Good day. Thank you all for sharing.Photos 

    I have been traveling by plane, bus, and foot for the past four years. I am usually a farm worker but I have done many jobs. I have a husband and we have a dog. She is just beginning her life of traveling with us. I want to thank you all for sharing your information. I know I will learn a lot...
  3. Benji91

    Mountain ParadisePhotos 

    A couple of weeks ago I headed up to Mt. Glorious with a mate and our furry bud. We've been up there exploring a hell of a lot of times and found some great spots, but this was the best. Our general plan is to find somewhere to park where the scrub isn't too thick and the drop isn't too steep...
  4. D

    Complain about your pet here

    I get it. Everyone loves your dog/cat/rat, "he/she is the sweetest thing alive" they say. You know the truth, though. Your little lovely pet is a douchebag. Let's complain about the little assholes we love dearly here! I'll start: Cujo is such a fucking housie scum. He loves me so dearly when...
  5. Cornelius Vango

    The Littlest Hobo

    Who has seen this glorious Canadian TV show from the 90s about a freight-hopping crime-fighting dog?
  6. Benji91

    Exploring Mt TibrogarganPhotos 

    Just thought I'd share a few photos from my wanderings around Mt Tibrogargan (Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia) back around 2014 with my mate Peta and her pup Aura. It's a gorgeous place - a lot of disused 4x4 tracks, plenty of wildlife (birds, kangeroos, snakes etc) and some fairly...
  7. L

    Looking for Lola

    After staying in touch with me very regularly, I stopped hearing from Lola (Laurel) in February. She was in Atlanta. She was traveling with Apok and a small fluffy dog. She is 5'6, 130lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. Tattoos like rag doll stitches in the corners of her mouth and cross bones inside...
  8. alexxx

    First timer, Planning on leaving with dog in tow.

    Im about to head out to Kansas from Southern California and I have a german shephard who is my other half. I couldnt stand leaving her here. And im just wondering if theres anyone whos ever took a pet with them before. Any advice would be appreciated greatly! Thank you so much!
  9. S

    what are street command's

    I heard the term street commands for dogs on this site and thought that sounds interesting so what are some street commands for dogs and what are they used for
  10. D

    '75 VW Vanagon with some goat farmers

    So, i had intended to meet up with my buddy who had left Pennsylvania a few weeks before me out west( this was a few months ago now too). he was boogying getting good rides with truckers and I ended up putzing around like I do, motels, chilling in my tent due to rain and general lack of knowing...
  11. Belle Amie


    MY DEAREST FRIENDS DOG WAS STOLEN IN THE CITY OF BARCELONA PLEASE HELP VARG IS MORE THAN A COMPANION TO ME AND HIPPIE. Description: Large German Shepherd, RED bandana around neck (answers to german commands) Name: VARG Originally from: Germany
  12. J

    So You Want to Have a Trainhopping DogFeatured 

    Some people might not agree with having dogs on train but let’s face it, it going to happen. Dogs are well suited to railroad lifestyle and make great traveling companions. If you train your dog well, love them, and feed them good then your dog will follow you off of a cliff if you jumped. They...