1. Ramblin Blues

    Losing Democracy

    Oh man... What are we going to do when Trump is acquitted by the Senate and is given free rein to stomp on the rights of Americans, take away our entitlements and promote more hate?
  2. Matt Derrick

    Joe Rogan Experience #1211 - Dr. Ben Goertzel on AI and decentralized open source systemsVideo 

    While I went into this show thinking it was mostly going to be science talk (which i also enjoy) I was surprised how much the discussion went into anarchistic/democractic decentralized systems and how that might shape the future of so many things to come, including artificial intelligence...
  3. Drengor

    Direct Democracy

    With the advent of the Internet the dream of Direct Democracy becomes quite a bit more believable, but if we talk through what that would mean I think we'd be eager to come up with something a bit more stable. This is a long one. By no means am I 'right' about this, I've just thought a bit about...