1. ElonMusksButtcheeks

    Shittiest hairstyles? -I’m getting a ‘haircut’

    So my best friend, my boyfriend and my horoscope are harping me about my uncombed, 3 foot long hair. Looking for photos of the worst hairstyles I can get to spite them Thanks
  2. Skinzthehobo

    Howdy doodily, neighboreeno

    Hello everyone, im Skinz. Ive been out here for about 6 months, before that only a week or two at a time, small bouts of travel. I started in NY and made my way west. Now im traveling south for the winter (kinda like my grandparents used to, but without the rv and the vacation home). Ive hopped...
  3. wndrlstkng

    Hey there! I'm Satan.

    Hello everyone! I am new here on this forum. I am writing this at 2am so I plan on keeping it short. My name is Jake but on the road I go by Satan which was given to me by a beautiful woman I met a few years ago in Portland, ME who stole a Satan patch, gifted it to me and told me she would refer...
  4. A

    Crusty by Choice or Consequence

    "All things that come from the earth must return to the Earth" I was talking to a homebum acquaintance of mine. He'd just gotten out of jail again, (his only crime was being homeless) and was tired of Police harassment. He's literally been out there so long that all his clothing has formed...
  5. Primitive

    crust punk, anarcho-primitivism, & the nömad life.

    I think it would be a great idea to intertwine the three intersectionally, so i've done what little i can do at the moment and started a facebook group by that very same name, hopefully we can build somewhat of a community of like minded people there, share percpectives, good music, & stories. I...