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  1. Jeddar

    Free COVID tests @ USPS

    Hey! Just wanted to drop a line for anyone in or coming to the US. USPS (post office) is offering free COVID home tests to any and all. https://special.usps.com/testkits Hope this helps someone:) Jeddar Felix
  2. R

    Hitching in Europe post COVID

    I’ve been planning to set out hitching in Europe from the UK for a while. What’s the situation with hitching in Europe at the moment with COVID? Are people willing to pick up hitchhikers? What are your experiences at the moment?
  3. Matt Derrick

    Website Updates I finally put in a passport application.

    So, after over a decade of putting if off, I finally got off my ass and put in my application for a US passport. It's always just been one of those things where I'm like, "agh, $140 bucks is a lot of money, I'll do it later," and well, you know how it is, weeks stretch into months, months to...
  4. StrongsouthwindyWomen

    Question What are some good advice for spanging/ flagging a sign during thirdwave of covid?

    Hello fellow people I apolguise if this sounds like a similar post I've posted in the previous past, so I understand if deleted, it's not related to my social anxiety. It's about being more succesful at panhandling and making more profile while standing for hours trying to flag a sign. Well...
  5. StrongsouthwindyWomen

    How to flag a sign/panhandle, get basic essentials during covid and being social phobic?

    I'm currently homeless, I'm trying to hit up local resources for food, hygeine items, bus tickets, laundry money, socks, etc, but some of these places across town, so i have resorted to panhandling to make money for other basic essentials. Omg, I barely made anything yesterday :( is there...
  6. EphemeralStick

    Covid Vaccination Info

    Okay ya'll, I wanted to make this thread since knowledge is power and I'd rather ya be able to find the vaccine if you want to. I am not making this thread to debate the existence of the vaccine, nor do I care to dive into an anti-vaxxer discussion. This is a place to share resources for people...
  7. RavenOnTheNethervoid

    hypocrisy of the hateful ('money for Covid' edition)

    things might be different where you are (i hope they're better); the attitudes, overheard snippets, and actual conversations I've experienced are thus: many humans who have had the big bad angry stance that everyone has the same opportunities and derp derp bootstraps something something lazy...
  8. MetalBryan

    Question Bike Tour & Camping during Covid - SE US

    Covid got my old cycling & mechanic skill set back into action. I'm in a good place to prepare for a bike tour, so this isn't so much about the HOW or the WHERE, but the WHY. I'm in Miami and I have a place to stay until late January or early February. I've been giving serious consideration to...
  9. Eng JR Lupo RV323

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Winter, Covid and the Flu. A third wave is coming.'

    Post in thread 'Winter, Covid and the Flu. A third wave is coming.' by obey no one has been reported by Eng JR Lupo RV323. Reason given: Content being reported:
  10. NewMexicoJim

    Winter, Covid and the Flu. A third wave is coming.

    I have no fondness for being a downer but this shit is real and getting more serious by the day. Covid cases are up across the US and are hitting rural areas hard now too. Winter will drive people indoors and Covid fatigue will cause many to relax preventative measures. Cases this week over...
  11. JackSioux

    Do people sell art on the streets anymore? Would I have any luck after or even during covid?

    I’m not much of a musician yet but I’m still getting there. I am one hell of an artist and I’ve always seen people on the street offering to do portraits and caricatures for money, is that still a good way to make money or nah? What would I need to bring with me if I’m on my hobo adventures...
  12. TerminalBeach

    Lost my job due to COVID. Using this opportunity to drift.

    Since losing my job due to COVID I’ve been obsessed with drifting (traveling without a destination in mind). I bought a one way ticket from nyc to Kansas City for $25!? After here I either want to travel west or down to south to New Orleans. I’d be down to meet up people that are not...
  13. Batsy

    Good street vending cities/locations during Covid

    I’m dying to move out of an unhealthy living situation at the moment. The plan is to buy a van or other large enough vehicle, convert it, and move into it full-time. I’m an artist, and so I’m hoping to support myself on the road by selling my art on the streets. I’m wondering what cities on the...
  14. ItsAWastelandBaby

    How will covid and economic crisis effect travel culture long term? Discuss!

    I've just barely got started on the road and now I'm stuck holes up until covid ends, and I'm worried that things won't be the same after and I already missed the best window. I'm new to this so please jump in, how does everyone think things will change in the next few years?
  15. Scruffy Idealist

    Covid hitchhiking: what's it like now???

    So, I know this question was posted back in March, but I wonder what it's like now that we're in August? I was stuck in Honduras when all the shit went down back in March. I got back to the U.S. in May and I am still figuring out what post-covid U.S. really looks like... I've been stuck in...
  16. Coywolf

    Video Lets lynch the landlord man

    An interesting and horrifying insight into how COVID could impact homelessness in the US by causing a mass wave of evictions. The evils of rent and housing costs might come to a head here in the next few months. Probably not. But maybe. Gotta love John Oliver:
  17. Syndaron

    What places can I travel to during covid

    Im a soon to be homeless michigan resident and I want to use my time to travel. But during covid alot of places are shut down (for good reason) I want to be able to travel and see things and not get arrested for not having a place to go (being homeless so I can't quarantine well)
  18. W

    Best place to go during Covid?

    Hello, I'm. Short time lurker that needs some advice so if this isn't in the right spot I do apologize.I've never really tried the nomadic lifestyle before other than moving around and I was younger. Recently I was really wanting a fresh start and to start moving around a bit more, ButI'm not...
  19. existnchill

    Overnight Parking In California? COVID 2020

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where one could stay in California while covid 19 safety precautions are in order. Are any parks or campgrounds open in Los Angeles or anywhere is Southern California? Has anyone gone to the beach lately? I know there are many vanlifers in Cali...
  20. I

    Hi everyone. I have a question and want to talk a little...

    I'll start with a question. What should I do? 16 year old boy, living in a rich town with a high school that is acedemically superior(my family is not particularly rich, but above average overall, poor compared to friends) this town is very safe, peaceful bubble on the shore. It is quite...