1. habitatbranch

    Abnormal Philosophy and Isolation

    Hi, just joined the site. My name is Atlas. I am not so much of a traveler, though I did spend about a year car camping around the u.s. searching for people or places I could relate to. As it has been my whole life, all I really related to was wilderness regrowing itself where humanity has...
  2. findfoot

    HOUSELESS RECORDS: Front Porch Tour

    Hi humans, I have these projects and I'm working on a house show tour August - November 2019. Calling all musicians and people to check it out and maybe get involved. This is letter has more details and a cheesy anecdote (cause it was aimed towards housies). Wanna host a show...
  3. Gypsybones

    heading to Denver

    Hey y'all, I'm heading up Denver way in a few days and I'm looking for folks to hook up with. Trying to find some temp work and artist community, cause I'm planning on being up there for a few weeks, maybe longer. So all help would be appreciated. Thank y'all
  4. D

    summer time uninhabited island squat cape cod mass

    okay so this place okay so this place called panekes Island that used to have a school on it for bad kids from Boston has been uninhabited for several years now maybe as many as five but it has a big house a tool shop a boat shop climbing walls animal pens chicken coops Garden space basketball...
  5. loonaloop

    Heylo to all!

    Name is Giovanna. With that said, feel free to shorten my name or call me by my forum handle. Happy to finally be sitting down with this introduction. I've only been browsing here and there. Looking to make connections and give back as much as I am able. Currently in Roswell, New Mexico. Will...
  6. Cornelius Vango

    The Real Slab City - interviews with year round residentsVideo 

    I just finished my Slabsterpiece today! Enjoy an inside look at life in the apocalypse!!
  7. hobbes

    consensus run open land.

    We are looking for radical revolutionarys, people who want to work with others to shift things in a positive way. You are welcome to join us. The Garden is a off grid consensus run land project in Tennessee that is being used to facilitate creating positive change.
  8. MatthewCoyoteSlovakavich

    Hey you guuuuuys!!

    What's up everybody! My name is Matthew, I live in Buffalo, NY and work with FoodNotBombs as well as an off-shoot project called WasteNotWantNot whose goal is to establish a pay-as-you-feel cafe that will serve all food that otherwise would have gone to waste. I am...
  9. black

    questions about surviving in the Puget Sound wilderness (food availibility, weather, community)

    So I know there's some of you that have some experience in that particular area and my first post on this was pretty vague, and was about general tips on the area and where to be. this post is different in that it's inspired by my general green-ness and fear of transitioning. so I have some...