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  1. Matt Derrick

    Seeking Help Seeking Community Input on the 2nd Edition of the Anarchist's Guide To Travel

    Update 04-07-2022: Hey folks, just a quick note to let you all know that while my job really threw a wrench into getting this book done, I've resumed editing and chapters 1-5 (out of 13) are finished. I'm shooting for a finish date of July 1st 2022. Thank you to everyone that has helped with...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Community Guidelines

    This website is our home. Do not fuck with us. You're a guest here, so please be polite. We reserve the right to keep our house in order by removing posts/accounts, closing threads, editing post content, permanently banning people, and taking any other actions we deem necessary to keep the...
  3. ilikehotchocolate

    hostel or community house in florida?

    just wondering! im into "community life" and natural stuff like cooking, gardening and travel (obviously). I'm in central FL. I think there are a few co ops in gainesville, also there is food not bombs which i still have to check into...
  4. zofie zundown

    seeking radical queer community in PDX

    Hi yall Ive been chronically house-less and went hitchhiking before also was in van life up until a couple months before the covid pandemic. my ex and i housed up together before covid and now we are broken up, we were together for 9 years and house-less off and on through most of it. we helped...
  5. Serene


    I am in Ashland/Medford Oregon Husband has Asperger's. Covid's a bitch.. makin' life hard. I am 26 and I'm about to have my second baby. My first lives in L.A. with my folks. Fucked up corruptness that I'm learning to forgive. (Not having him with me) well, his dad got deported in 2017 to Peru...
  6. Redbeard The Rhymer

    A Welcoming Community for Nomads

    Hello fellow travelers and adventurers! I remembered this site from about eight years ago or so, and was hoping to get back in touch with a welcoming community of folks who live life freely and are not over critical and judgmental to our beliefs/philosophies/outlooks on life and how it is to be...
  7. habitatbranch

    Abnormal Philosophy and Isolation

    Hi, just joined the site. My name is Atlas. I am not so much of a traveler, though I did spend about a year car camping around the u.s. searching for people or places I could relate to. As it has been my whole life, all I really related to was wilderness regrowing itself where humanity has...
  8. rexmanningday

    New to STP and the community

    Hey all, I'm Ben. I live in Austin, Texas at the moment. I am beginning to convert a van into a camper and hitting the road. While that is a bit in the future, I've been lurking the site on and off for a few years mostly reading shit and whatnot. I have been pretty fascinated by train hopping...
  9. WildVirtue

    Captain Hotknives' Greatest Hits (Comedy, Anarchism & Community)

    I reckoned people here would get a kick out of this great comedian from the UK. He's entertained at many a campaign benefit and is one of the old school open cast coal protesters. Mixing folk, ska, punk, bluegrass and pop paradies. I’ve been compiling a library of comedians content to be able...
  10. inconsequentia

    I mostly lurk and read threads, but here's a post to introduce myself to the community (see, that wasn't that hard).

    Greetings, other than fora I created or was a founding member of, I have always been a lurker by nature. But I’ve been here reading along for a couple of years now and I think it’s time that I just waved my hand out there, hullo! Then at least my post count won’t be at zero. I really enjoy the...
  11. D

    Zero Community

    Outside of time and space, In between the folds of normal place, There lies a home, where ghouls wake, Deep inside the catacombs. There sleeps a people, strange and familiar. They dance around reality’s pillar. And do not welcome anyone not similar. Deep inside the catacombs. They...
  12. Codyt

    Introducing myself to the community

    Hey everyone! Just here tying to learn about train hopping. I don’t know if I’ll ever do it but it’s definitely interesting to read about. Glad to be here!
  13. D

    What is the Global Community Communications Alliance?

    So I was looking for communes to check the fuck out when I came across this: Global Community Communications Alliance - Foundation for Intentional Community - https://www.ic.org/directory/global-community-communications-alliance/ I did a little digging around and after a quick glance at its...
  14. D

    Need help finding an EcoVillage/Intentional Community

    I really want to just be a fuckin part of a fuckin community instead of just doing nothing all the time but studying, consuming, and masturbating, you know? Really dig my hands into the dirt, and help contribute to a tribe of people bigger than myself, and feel like a man contributing to the...
  15. mysticgrudjj

    New to community - INTRO - WA -> ? (Have car want driver)

    In my dreams I am dirty, naked and free. And then I woke up and I was STILL dirty and naked but some costumed megalomaniac was spit shining his boot with my mouth and definitely on the lookout for any attempt at "free" Born in the sign of Cancer. I don't put too much stock into astrology. I...
  16. Matt Derrick

    opening up the rules to changes by the community

    i started writing a thread about getting input from people about making possible changes to the rules, and it occurred to me that i might be opening up a big box of worms here, so i wanted to get the staff's opinion on it. should we get community input on our current rules? in general i think...
  17. cherryb0mb

    Looking for friends, communes, community, anything

    greetings! im hopping out of Oklahoma looking for anywhere else to go. Seeking out a community or group of like minded folk,,, anywhere. hmu! bless be y’all (sorry if wrong thread)
  18. Nyakua

    Hello STP NY soon to be trainhopper entering the community

    hello my name is nyakua im currently 16m going to be on the run in just a few hours. im very new to this community and the lifestyle I will be living for a year until i turn 18. I hope to make great memories on this crazy journey in life. i dont know what state exactly ill be going but im gonna...
  19. ancienttoes

    The Garden Intentional Community Gathering September 13-26 in Tennessee

    This is an invitation to all to our end of summer gathering at The Garden intentional community. We have had travellers of all kinds like hitchhikers, rv and van dwellers, rainbow gatherers, organic farm volunteers, and other people who live an alternative way of life, and invite anyone who...
  20. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Punk Island is a celebration of community, diversity, and rage

    PUNK ISLAND IS A CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY, DIVERSITY, AND RAGE Punk Island shows NYC what’s at punk’s core: community. WORDS: Danielle Chelosky & Stephanie Augello PHOTOS: Stephanie Augello Randall’s Island in NYC isn’t usually bursting with heavy guitars vibrating through amps and...