1. P

    Looking for squats or communes anywhere in the continental US

    I'm facing down unexpected homelessness, and have somewhere to go in the fall. I just need somewhere to be between early May and late August. If some communal farm needs help during the busiest months of the year...
  2. BackAgainC

    Eastern Europe communes, crashpads, farms?

    Traveling from Prague southbound to the Balkan states. Looking to meet up with communes/communities, punk houses, sustainability projects, etc etc etc Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria...or whatever Travel dates between May-September 2018
  3. Waters

    Taylor Camp 69-77'

    Does anyone know of any places that exist today like Taylor Camp in Hawaii from 69'-77'?
  4. R

    Hello, I'm Shadow.

    I used to lurk around these parts a long while back. Glad to have found it again. I've spent the last few years travelling through several intentional communities, ecovillages, and communes in America. It's been enlightening at times, while others have been a clusterfuck of stress. I'm...
  5. Betonmanden

    Starting a Permaculture Farm

    Im interested in becoming a land owner in the next year or two, to make a very old dream of mine a reality, and that is a semi off grid permaculture farm where I can blacksmith in my free time. Preferably in the mountains of the northwest. I thought a lot about Oregon but after looking at land...
  6. Billy Cougar White

    Hitch hiking trip to Tofino.....hippies, shrooms, and a commune

    My friend Mike and I are both laid off and needed to get some travelling out of our systems before we go back to work for the season. We decided to hitch hike to Tofino BC, a surfing town on the west coast of Vancouver island. so we packed a couple days of Mr. Noodles, and cheap granola bars...
  7. Max Arman

    U.S. West Coast -- Hike, freight-hopping, hitchhiking

    Will be in San Francisco from the 17th and intend to travel anywhere and everywhere in the space of two months (initially along the W/C, further south or north) and meet people. Anyone in the area want to travel together? Starting in San Francisco then hitchhiking to S. Cruz -- will probably...
  8. Venatus

    An Investment For 3 Years Of Planning

    There is nothing supernatural in being able to write out the future within your mind. Imagination is a fundamental part of humanity. So when i tell you i have been guiding my life according to the visions i have, you shouldnt think anything abnormal about it. Im not a psychic or a clairvoyant...

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