1. C SiCK cada

    Synthetic Materials: good or bad?

    I've been trying to figure out what clothes would be best to pack to keep cool when its hot. I've read many articles from multiple different sources (REI, Bustle, and various other hiking and traveling related blogs) about the best clothes to wear for hiking and traveling and such in hot...
  2. Trooper

    Roadside Clothes

    Well my day started with my loosing my favorite (only) beanie, already a rough start:eek:, but on my way walking home I looked in a ditch and saw a dirty black beanie just laying there. One good wash later and I have a new beanie::woot::... I guess you loose some, you find some! What clothes...
  3. A

    Summer Fashion Tips for Discerning Travelers

    Summer is upon us and that means its time to ditch those ugly nylon rain ponchos and get ourselves into something more fashionable. First of all black snot rags hung around the neck are so cliche. Let's show the opinionated townies of the world that we have class. Let's swap those rags out...
  4. Carlvanguyrios

    Washing clothes in my van!Video 

    Hey guys! Not sure if anyone has posted about this before. But I just got my Scrubba Bag, and it is too unbelievable not to share. It is perfect for van life or really any kind of life spent on the move. It only takes about half an hour to wash a few days worth of clothes, then drying will...
  5. G

    Real men pack lightNews & Blogs 

    I learned that traveling is not as hard as one would think. If one keeps to Transporation, Shelter, and Food (TSF) one can go farther than expected. However, I learned people pack too much (I am also guilty of this). Unless you are going to outer space or the Artic, you really don't need much...
  6. D

    Handbook of the Streets! Don't go hungry or naked in Twin Cities!

    The handbook is printed for '14 - '15 but it's still very useful! ::joyful:: Day and night shelters, places to get clothes, food shelves and soup kitchens. Even legal support and advocacy. The website and The Handbook via PDF. Good luck and safe travels, family! ::drinkingbuddy::