1. Matt Derrick

    New format for this week's discord voice chat!

    Website Updates 
    I'm going to be experimenting with a new format for the voice chat this Wednesday! Going forward I am going to set a specific topic for each week's discussion, and I am going to record it for others to listen to later, basically making it a podcast. Everyone is welcome to join in on the...
  2. Matt Derrick

    The StP discord chat server is going semi-private

    Website Updates 
    Hey everyone, this is the official announcement that the StP discord chat server is going semi-private. What does that mean? Well, there's been a lot of drama BS and shit posting and other such nonsense mostly by folks that are discord whores and either not interested in participating on the StP...
  3. CelticHeathen

    How do you relate, "a rant about making it out"

    So, I lived on the street pretty consistently for nearly 15 years from 1996-2011 finally making housing up (At least for now) pretty indefinitely since 2014, finally got my first apartment in 2016. But since ive been off the road Ive come to realize that its nearly impossible to meet new...
  4. Matt Derrick

    discord voice chat night! 7pm PST!

    Website Updates 
    we've done it every week for a few months now, but i figured today i'd take a little time to promote it so we get more people in the voice chat tonight. you can jump in with the discord app on desktop (with mic and headphones) or using the discord mobile app (all you need is your phone, like...
  5. D

    Discord Chat suggestions/critique/opinions.

    I originally was gonna post this on the Discord but do not seek the opinions of NON StP users or wish to infuriate entrenched Discord users who have learned to love STPs discord. They do not deserve to read this feedback & it probably does not concern them all though they can comment without...