1. DertyDers

    Down the Mississippi in rat rod canoe sailboat

    So I’ve been drawing up the plan for years now and this summer I’m going to achieve the goal of making it down the Mississippi River in canoes. The plan has evolved and my girlfriend Destinee and I are gonna try something a little crazy. We want to convert back and forth between two canoes and a...
  2. NohaTarek

    1st time hiking in america - advice

    Hey guys ::cat:: this is my first time to post here... i'm an international student from egypt, & this is my 1st year learning & exploring in america ::bookworm:: while in the holidays now, i want to travel... i can't afford, of course, staying in hotels & all that stuff! right now, the...
  3. IMG_20180426_104332.jpg


    Beginning of year. Down South
  4. TheWindAndRain

    To catch murderer, Police set up mannequin dressed like sleeping homeless man then caught this video

    " The killings took place at night near a dusty, desolate Las Vegas corridor. On Jan. 3, a homeless man curled up in a blanket to protect himself from the frigid 44-degree temperature, was struck several times in the head as he slept near an intersection not far from the roar of the Spaghetti...
  5. syrinyx

    What is the hardest/scariest thing you've faced on the road?

    What's been your worst moment or biggest mistake or most painful decision or scariest hitch or most dangerous hike? Maybe a lost lover or solid dog? Keep it road related if possible. I want to hear about when you ran into a bear on accident and nearly shit your pants, not about your babushka...