1. D

    Boat to stay on in Florida keys

    I just got my edel 665 (22ft sail) down to key largo- come mid January I will have to leave it for several months. I was hoping there was someone who wanted to use the boat for a while-fishing, sailing, chilling etc and then when I was able to get back to it I could get going again. End goal is...
  2. TheRealRadical1

    Anyone planning on doing boatpunk events?

    The idea is right on. I could maybe take time off of work to take a trip with a group. I could pitch in. Peace, Joel
  3. Cptnchuck

    looking for crew (new york - canada via n-e states)

    Looking for a third crew member to tag along and take watches, can stay till canada if all is good (passport plz) no expirience necessary, must be good natured and can spend at least three days at a time w-o drinkin. where two canadians with dogs on a 30 ft sailboat in manageable condition...
  4. Cptnchuck

    Looking for crew!

    Wassup im looking for crew to help me get my boat back up towards Canada! Im expierenced sailor so you dont have to be, ill show every thing i know ! Well busk dumptser our way up... Im in Brunswick ga and can drop you of at mostly anyport up the east coast when we get there. Its a boat punk...