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  1. AG Golda

    Quebec City Blues and various other misfortunes 😆

    Hey fam :) finally ready to discuss the Quebec trip lol. So Quebec city in general, I have learned, is pretty anti traveler, anti homeless and anti English. Be extra careful if passing through. My first time there I was alone and felt super unsafe with three cars following me from the plaza I...
  2. Oreoman2002

    Video Some guitar to blues up your day.

    My amateur interpretation of Angi by Davy Graham. Until I have to rush to an end for some furalicious reason... (Video won't post, I assume it's the format, I'll re record and post update it tomorrow, I'm too tired)
  3. Blob

    Vagabond blues - walking ain't that bad

    Waking up this morning was hard on me. I had slept half the night behind a side of a strip mall which didn't seem the local Leo's were to Keen to be watching, only to wake shivering as these drier climates have no mercy as they can be hot as hell in the daytime but cold as an iceberg before the...
  4. CelticWanderer

    Four Walls Blues

    getting really ancy from being housed up due to an ACL tear and wrote this simple thing and thought I would share Link: https://youtu.be/iK6O868UN5Y
  5. thattrombonekyd

    Music, Travel, and living out of a car

    Hey guys, thought I'd introduce myself and what I'm looking to do. I am Sawyer (thattrombonekyd - instagram) and I hail from Topeka, KS. I currently live in Fort Wayne, IN. I have realized that I don't want the normal 9-5 lifestyle anymore ,and all I want to do is make awesome music and travel...
  6. cyberjock

    Video Abner Jay - St. James Infirmary

  7. wokofshame

    King Biscuit Blues Festival, Oct 6-8

    http://www.kingbiscuitfestival.com/king-biscuit-blues-festival-lineup Helena, Arkansas (50 miles S of Memphis) Blues music, Thursday to Saturday Possibly unparalleled trash can diving? Anybody else into Delta blues? October 6-8 ,2016
  8. wokofshame

    Event King Biscuit Blues Festival-Helena AR Oct 7-10

    http://www.kingbiscuitfestival.com/ <hey Tude here - I edited the size and font of your offering here - it was big for my phone so when I came home I reduced it so more people could see it better :) I would love to see this event as well! and it sounds like fun!!!> Thursday, October 8th...
  9. Primitive

    alley cat blues

    Relatively obscure rock'n'roll from early 80's britain, who should have otherwise made it big especially considering the guitarist is the cousin of the guitarist from ac/dc. Which you can hear it in their sound especially. Im thinkin their lyrics where a little to real for mainstream lemmings...
  10. H

    Bean Blossom Blues Fest

    The Bean Blossom Blues Festival is an annual event held at the Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground, about an hour south of Indianapolis. For 2015 it will be Aug 27 - 29, however the regulars are getting there a week early. They have hook-ups for rvs as well as primitive camping. The showers...
  11. Kate Westcoast

    The going home blues

    I went home once before...stayed 10 whole days...hit the road again It has been another year now and im headed home again to restablish faith in family and friendships. Stay awhile, you know? I still got two months out here being a bicycle cowgirl but i got the butterflies once again. The pure...
  12. thisisme

    'Please Warm My Weiner' BO CARTER, Delta Blues Guitar Legend

    Oh man this is too good not to share! lol i just learned that innuendo based blues was actually a genre around that time that did pretty well...hmmm..pretty great http://youtu.be/GW0M2zEx-7g
  13. D

    bike light blues

    I am a full time bike commuter. I try to wear bright clothing, I have reflective hoo haw in all the right places on my bike and bike bag, light myself up, BE SEEN as a cyclist. I have a reflector on the back of my seat, back of my shoes, one front lamp, two really neat led (watch battery style)...