blacksmithing bitch

  1. Myatezhnik

    Hopping out of Little Rock

    In search of non scummy road dog. I mean, be scummy, I’m scummy, you just gotta be the right kinda scum. Hopping freights preferred. Have some badass RR maps I can share. In personal pursuit for work but am thoroughly intent on enjoying some rails along the way
  2. Myatezhnik

    S’been a lawwwwng time

    Howdy. My name is not important I don’t go by trashcan or smashtray. But those are the closest words to my garbage dump of a name. Anyway. Long story short: fiancé left and I’m stuck in Augusta, GA Decided to do what I do best and get movin’. Gonna ride some freights after 8 year hiatus and...