1. BikePunky

    Bike Punky (Season 3 Thread)

    Howdy, y’all. Long time no post since I hit something like 10k miles in saddle during the last tour. I took time off in Tucson, the Slabs, and then started a job at a ski resort in the sierras these last 4 months. I’m down to four shifts at work and a little over a week housed up. I’ve been...
  2. identity

    Introduction to identity: currently starting an adverse possession adventure

    Hi folks, I'll go by identity here. I'm currently working on improving a rural property in California with the prospect of eventually filing for quiet title of the property in five years through adverse possession. I have experience squatting both short and long term and have worked with Homes...
  3. superphoenix

    Single-Speed Tour Through New England

    While my back is currently fucked up and I can't move around too much, I thought I would take the time to talk about my little bike trip through New England from two years ago. After biking around the Greater New York City area a lot, I decided it was time to expand my horizons and see some...
  4. Dunedrifter

    Surly Troll Gravel Touring

    I recently sold my Bike Friday folder and bought a Surly Troll. I realized that I enjoy being on the back roads way more than fighting with automobile traffic/exhaust/noise, and the Troll is built for “gravel touring”. With fatter tires (2.5” on mine, but you can go fatter), it plows through the...
  5. spike rodriguez

    Tattoo artist biking from Orlando to Savannah

    So I started riding from Miami to Orlando and I took sometime off but now I'm back on the road .... I packed all my tattoo stuff and I'm about to start riding my tall bike from Orlando to Savannah if anyone has a place to crash or if you have some hand me down bike parts or if you have any...