1. Will Wood

    10 longest rail trails. Stealth camping possibilities?

    Pulling off on a long cycling trail may have places for stealth camping? And connect you with a couple of urban settings.. ..
  2. Will Wood

    Colorado, Longmont/Boulder

    New to Colorado.. .. Anyone?? Man it is lonely and cold here.. Wondering if I made a big fucking mistake..
  3. jojoofu

    Bicycle tour across USA.

    I'm kicking off my first extreme long distance bicycle tour tomorrow. I wanted to go earlier this year but I had some set backs. My goal is to go from east coast to west coast but that is subject to change. As of now the route is made up on a day to day basis. I'll be keeping you guys updated...
  4. Gypsybones

    Has any one ridden the East Coast Greenway?

    About to leave Greensboro and head up to philly via the ECG. Has anyone done this or live near it or know anything I should do that is cool around it? Hell, anyone ridding it or want to and can get up and go asap? get at me nurds! check out my travel blog n shit...
  5. Matt Derrick


    Jamie, Leah and Daniel set on an adventure attempting to cycle from the UK to Bratislava on £30 bicycles.
  6. Cosmic

    Salutations from Olympia- Preparing for Launch

    I came to Washington for some temporary work, and decided to stay for the rainforests, islands, mountains, and rivers. That's the stuff I like most, so if I'm not out unicycling, I'm out exploring. Now I sleep on the couch of a relative in Olympia, and work part-time to pay off the car I arrived...

    new here, greenie

    hello, i just made this account and i guess i'll try and give a little description of where i am in life and stuff, maybe connect with some of you people. my name is phillip alaska vance. i am 19 years of age, i graduated high school in 2015. i rode my bicycle 5,000 miles coast to coast across...