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  1. Slingshot Collective

    Berkeley Free Clinic – Fifth years of Radical Health

    https://slingshotcollective.org/1-berkeley-free-clinic-fifth-years-of-radical-health/ By Finn The Berkeley Free Clinic, a cooperatively run clinic that’s been providing free health services in Berkeley since 1969, turns 50 on May 25th. With ever worsening gentrification in the San Francisco Bay...
  2. Benji91

    Bay Area Camping/Car Camping

    Looking at going back to the Bay Area for a couple days later this year, everyone I know there has moved on and I'll have my camper (converted 4x4, so not as subtle as a van) with me. I usually try and avoid bigger cities by San Francisco is, among other things, a bit of a nostalgia trip for...
  3. letsrollok

    Helloooo bay area bae

    i just moved out of the bay because my rent was over $1000 a month (considered a steal there by most conventional standards there). but screw that. I want to live there (my bandmate is there as well as all of my artist contacts and friends) and I can't afford/don't want to live there...
  4. West

    Long Haul InfoShop - Berkeley California

    Come check out the Long Haul InfoShop in Berkeley, California! It's two blocks from Ashby Bart (train) station, and is a great place to read, attend events and network with other people! (both travelers, local homeless, and housies). As a radical space, everyone is welcome until they act like...
  5. 40oz in a rut

    Safest/best park to sleep in the bay area?

    I'm moving up to the bay area next week with very limited places to sleep does anyone recommend parks, squats, or hostels to stay in while in the bay? Also i was wondering whats the safest parks to sleep at is Buena Vista safer than Golden Gate Park to sleep at in a sleeping bag with pack?
  6. Slingshot Collective

    Video Berkeley Riot Porn

    For more information, please check: https://itsgoingdown.org/berkeley-clashes-break-alt-right-milo/
  7. Slingshot Collective

    Today in Berkeley, California: Defend the West Berkeley Shellmound!

  8. Slingshot Collective

    Barrington Hall-Berkeley (1990)

    This is an old image from Love and Rage. One of us found this video of graffiti from Barrington Hall when it was still a student housing co-op: This is actually where the first hand full of issues of Slingshot were laid out! There's a bit more on this website...
  9. Slingshot Collective

    Thoughts on Squatting in the San Francisco Bay Area

    http://littleblackcart.com/zines/thoughts-on-squatting-in-the-san-francisco-bay-area/ Everything from this 'zine is available online for free:
  10. Slingshot Collective

    Event [Dec 7, 2015] East Bay Alternative Book & 'Zine Fest (Berkeley, CA, US)

  11. Joedogg

    Hello from Berkeley, California

    Hello from Berkeley, California
  12. East

    News & Blogs Berkeley will give free weed to homeless medical marijuana patients

    http://www.theverge.com/2014/7/3/5867717/berkeley-free-weed-to-homeless-medical-marijuana-patients Low-income and homeless medical marijuana patients who dwell in Berkeley, California, will soon have access to free weed. Berkeley’s city council unanimously passed a proposal this week that will...
  13. iHaveRabiez

    SoCal to Berkeley

    So I just found out about this 8 Days of Anarchy thing in Berkeley.. It starts on the 12.. and I'm in Slab City.. Really think it would be worth checking out.. They got quite a few activities going on and sounds like a super cool time...find out more on the website... http://8daysofanarchy.org...
  14. R

    Anything other than Hellarity in Berkeley CA?

    Hellarity didn't like the train Hopper kid who brought me there a few years ago and I can't blame them. They also seemed to frown on the Rainbow kids I was traveling with. Some kids from Europe were really the only cool ones there..and a few girls. It seemed like a PC kid hang out. There was...
  15. dyefukked

    FILTH 6/4/10 @ Gilman, Berkeley

    Yeah, I know. Check TheList - 3/30/2010 - By Date (jrl version) June 4th 2010 Guess they may be playing a few shows in the bay, but we'll have to wait and see since this is the only one listed for now. and if you've been to gilman you can imagine how hectic it's gonna be. Just figured there'd...
  16. ahorriblemess

    Berkeley, or the bay area in general

    There's more information on my introduction post, and I'm working on my profile now if anyone would like to read it or contact me. I'm looking for help. I don't know if it's cool or not to just come here asking for a handout... but me, my girlfriend and our daughter (who is 4) are going to be...
  17. nobo

    weird dude in berkeley owns 3 houses

    i just had a meeting with this weird old hippie kinda guy who owns an amazing lot in south berkeley. theres 2 one bedroom apartments and a giant 6 bedroom house in the back and a small 2 bedroom cottage on the side. he wants to start an "intentional" community within the next month or so. so...
  18. H

    Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley raided by police

    http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2008-08-21/article/30943?headline=Campus-Police-Raid-Long-Haul-Seize-Computers-Disks-Drives Campus Police Raid Long Haul; Seize Computers, Disks, Drives By Richard Brenneman Wednesday August 27, 2008 Campus Police, guns drawn, raided the Long Haul...
  19. S

    Berkeley squats?

    I was planning on traveling through Berkeley and the Bay area towards the end of July but I'm coming up short on squat info in Berkeley. Does anyone know of any good squats, cheap hostels, or couch surfing places on the way to the bay? :)