1. Rjratfink

    Seeking Couch Nashville crash spot?

    My girlfriend and I are close to Nashville Tennessee, looking for a place to sleep maybe shower Just for the night I can provide beer maybe point us in the right direction of some cool shit going on tonight?
  2. B3n1254

    What is the best beer you have had to date and why?

    As the title said.... What iz the best beer you have had to date and why? I am just getting into all of that and i have a tender place in my heart for sweet beers. I dont mind the bitter ones so much but anything is worth a try once. I had a beer that changed my life a year or so ago. It was...
  3. JCooper

    Seeking Ride North AR to KCMO

    I'm taking my van down to BTS in Lead Hill, AR and will need a ride back to KCMO this week. It'll be later evening, but I can throw down for gas and toss in a six pack. Also gonna need a couch when I get back as I currently live in the van...hard to do when it's 4 hrs away! Peace!
  4. whellemickham

    Hang out in Asheville 6/2 - 6/6?

    Hey y'all Anybody gonna be in Asheville 6/2 - 6/6 and wanna hang out with me and a friend of mine? We're driving down to check out the city. Never been there before! Looking to go swimming or look at art or drink beer or whatever. Lemme know if you wanna hang! Cheers Michelle
  5. J

    Hi from Revelstoke British Columbia

    Hi there just found this website randomly. I live in Revelstoke BC. I like to travel. I like trains. I like beer. New to the squat the planet community but looking to share similar interests and adventures with others! Doing a winter hop tmrw, happy travels!
  6. Tatanka

    '75 VW Vanagon with some goat farmers

    So, i had intended to meet up with my buddy who had left Pennsylvania a few weeks before me out west( this was a few months ago now too). he was boogying getting good rides with truckers and I ended up putzing around like I do, motels, chilling in my tent due to rain and general lack of knowing...