1. Matt Derrick

    Video Backpacking Clothes (Underwear, Base Layers, Hiking Shirts/Pants, Mid Layers, Rainwear)

    Here's a really good hiking channel with lots of videos including various kinds of advice for trail life, but a lot if not most of it applies to the general kind of travel you'll find people talking about here on StP as well. I highly suggest checking it out if you're not sure what kind of...
  2. jociefish

    hello! looking for pointers on traveling, hopefully meet some road dogs, and a lifetime of adventure.

    So, I’m pretty new to traveling and I’m planning on my first trip. I live in the Midwest, in northern Minnesota! A lil city called Duluth. If anyone’s got the know on tips for riding the rails, I’m also lookin fer a mentor.. I’m 20, I’m non binary, and Native American. If yer a racist or nazi...
  3. DropoutBoy

    Very happy to have found this place!

    Hello! I wanted to say, first of all, I'm glad I found this site and I'm really looking forward to all the new people that I'll meet, helping them on their journeys as well as being helped. I'm a nineteen year old queer who just dropped out of college. I'm living on donations and the occasional...
  4. ThatBitch

    19 y/o artist in search of freedom

    hello! i have never gone camping, killed and prepared an animal, backpacked, hitchhiked, or traveled outside of the US. but i am painfully tired of this society and i'm ready to take the plunge and reconnect with the earth in the way our ancestors once did. return to our roots with me :) looking...
  5. unrulywaunder

    Neo Dharma Bums Climb Matterhorn

    Hey, So I just climbed Mount Matterhorn in the Sierras (California, USA). If you haven't read Jack Kerouac but you hang around stp, you should probably check him out. His most popular book On The Road described the life of a traveling bum of the Beat Generation following WWII. In the 40s &...
  6. Lowcardd23

    Looking for hitch buddy

    Head out of Lexington ky. Looking for a hitch hike buddy to hit California with. Or if you're in California, I can catch bus there, and we can hitch hike from there
  7. blumerang

    Tent vs Hammock? Amry vs Hiking Backpack?

    Hey Everyone, was wondering if any of you had strong recommendations either way regarding both tents vs hammocks and army vs hiking backpacks? I'll be hitching/ridesharing and camping mostly. Will be hiking ALOT and plan on months of travel as I want to experience the Rockies. I've already...
  8. K

    Geraldine Margay, Wife, Mother, Appalachian trail hiker

    She was also a nurse. I did not know her but I'm posting this as I know there are people here who use AT. Take care in your travels wherever you may be. Geraldine Largay’s Wrong Turn: Death...
  9. HippieGangster

    Video Hitchhiking Is The Ultimate Adventure

    Hey, I'm Cat, hitched 8k miles solo, and decided to make a video about why I love hitchhiking. Because if you've hitched before, you know that our most common question we get asked is WHY?!? It's hard to explain to every ride, because the reasons are so vast (at least for me) so here's my...
  10. BuiltForComfortNotSpeed

    New Here and Ready to Go. Any Takers?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in NW Ohio and leaving within the next two weeks. Don't know where I'm going yet so I'm up for ideas for a warmer area and prefer being able to work. My ultimate goal would be to get back to rubber tramping. I don't have a vehicle since I haven't needed one in the...
  11. HippieGangster

    Greetings fellow hitchhikers!

    I'm Catlin and I've been hitchhiking around for the past 2 years, over 19 states and 8,000 miles. STP has taught me tons of things about hitchhiking which I'm super grateful for. And therefore, with the urging of a fellow STPer (thanks Bruce!), I decided to make an account and share my story...
  12. meadow brown


    hi i'm meadow! i' i'm 18 years old i'm new on this website. i'd really like some traveler friends! i want to hear all about your adventures and travels and journeys. what was your best experience on the road? add me on facebook!!