1. Pack Back

    Pack Back

    Headin back out again today!
  2. KinowaGear


    Hey everyone! I am a bag maker based in Montreal Quebec, making mostly bike courier gear such as backpack, sling bag, hip pouch, phone and U-lock holsters, wallet, tool roll, waist belt and more. I am currently working on a new cargo backpack design and I will also release a handy traveling...
  3. KinowaGear

    Handmade products / Bags and gear

    Hey folks! I am stoked to join this amazing forum. Big up to StP! Let's introduce myself ; I make handmade quality backpacks and gear for bike courier and travelers, and currently designing dog backpack harnesses. I have a small sewing shop with industrial sewing machines, in which I am...
  4. Berky

    Recommended Brands for Packs

    Hey there everyone! I have a question for those who have experience living out of a pack for long periods of time. What brand would you most recommend? I plan on train hopping this summer and also a little bit of camping. What brand is most durable/reliable? Also, if there is any specific packs...
  5. Will Wood

    Knife or Multi tool, what do you carry on your belt, or in your pack?

    I've got a belt folding knife and some tools I've collected for various reasons in my back pack. I'd like to lose the weight and get a multi tool that is good enough. I'm thinking about a Stanley? It's cheep enough and good enough.? Not sure. Ideas??
  6. AaronOnTheRoad

    hiking backpack

    Okay guys i bought an 55L wasing backpack for 30 bucks. It's super cheap and not good. What are some reliable brands that you use or have used.
  7. A

    Improvised or DIY Pack Straps

    I have a problem, only you can help, If I can find them. I need ... The squat team! OK today I got an old jansport external frame backpack from Sally's. The straps were ripped off the top but for 0.99$ its a significant upgrade to what I have now. The straps are connected to the pack with...
  8. 40oz in a rut

    Are Osprey backpacks really worth it?

    Im about to be couch surfing the bay area looking for work with my life in my backpack. I was thinking about getting a ALICE pack but I noticed the hype on Osprey. My question is are they really worth $150 and if so what model be best for someone with a pack full of clothes and a sleeping bag to...
  9. beginnavagabond

    Is the Osprey Aether 70 a good backpack?

    I am looking at a backpack that was top rated on Google: Osprey Aether 70. It looks good, it has a frame and promoted airflow with your back. I think it looks good and I wanted to know what you think of it. Thank you! Osprey Aether 70
  10. VikingAdventurer

    Is the zipper on your sleeping bag or pack separated? Try this shit.

    So, the zipper on my sleeping bag separated, and wouldn't zip up anymore. I looked around the interwebs for a bit, and I found a solution. SPOILER ALERT: It fucking works. I've already tried the method in the video, and now my sleeping bag zips up perfectly again...
  11. Whereamiwhatdoido

    Freestyle BivySack

    Thought I'd share this whit you guys, if anybody's into hiking or being lightweight this is a great idea! Basically it's a Backpack - waterproof and all, with a build in Bivy to sprout right out its opening! Though a bit pricey I think it's a brilliant idea, and it's made by a traveller!
  12. Dunedrifter

    Pannier/backpack conversion

    I've been researching panniers to purchase and came across these high quality (and high priced) ones that convert into a backpack! They're made by in Colorado. I'm just trying to decide if I would ever need to quickly convert to backpack mode from bike touring mode.
  13. Freerange Butters

    Stupidest/Shitiest/Worst jail I've ever been to! (Prowers county jail)!!!

    Now let me tell you about my 25 day experience in this jail and why I'm so pissed off and hopefully when I'm done with my rant you'll agree with me or not :/ It all started when I was riding a through Colorado. I was heading East towards Kansas City so I could hop another train going north. I...
  14. warlo

    Help needed on DIY backpack project.

    Hello everybody, Recently I posted a DIY backpack project (Linyera Backpack Project) and been traveling around with it successfully. Now im stayin for long in Oslo and decided to make a new version with what I have learned. Considering that I got now a sewing machine and loads of recycled...