1. Matt Derrick

    Paradise lost: The rise and ruin of Couchsurfing.comNews & Blogs 

    9.15.2021 7:15 AM Back in spring 2011 — the end of black truffle season, before the climbing roses bloomed — the Couchsurfers gathered at the Palazzo Massarucci, built on a hill north of Rome at the beginning of the Renaissance. The castle is said to have hosted Lucrezia Borgia, the Vicar of...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Why a Converted School Bus Makes a Great HomeNews & Blogs 

    by Will Sutherland Converting a school bus into a skoolie offers a comfortable, affordable living space that can go anywhere the road might take you. When you think of a school bus, you might not consider it as a potential dwelling. That’s understandable. We are familiar with pull-behind...
  3. Matt Derrick

    "Meet the Crusties" Esquire, January 1994News & Blogs 

    Hopping freights with members of the new hobo-punk movement, our outlaw reporter finds out how far seven defiantly dirty young tramps can go with no money, hardly any sleep, and the rail cops in hot pursuit. January 1 1994 - SARAH FERGUSON I HARDLY RECOGNIZED Dumpster when I found him, carting...
  4. skmohr123

    Looking to interview Hitchhikers for a Magazine in NYC

    Hi! I am working on a photo essay on The Art of Hitchhiking around the United States. As a gallery featured photographer and writer, my angle and intent is to be able to share a space of curated stories that makes freedom seem tangible. Young and old, female, male, non-binary, etc... this...
  5. Matt Derrick

    The hobo inspiring a new generation of restless spiritsNews & Blogs 

    After leaving his small town as a teen, 'Huck' hit the road to hitchhike, hop trains and live by his own rules. Now he’s helping other vagabonds navigate a society they see no future in. You don’t choose your name as a hobo. You earn it. Steven Boutwell gained his while working with another...
  6. Matt Derrick

    A Couple Convert An Old School Bus Into A Light and Efficient Family HomeNews & Blogs 

    A Couple Convert An Old School Bus Into A Light and Efficient Family Home By Melissa Dalton – February 27, 2018 The Mayes family transformed a Thomas High Top into a well-organized and airy humble abode, using thoughtful storage and a minimalist color palette. When Gabriel and Debbie Mayes...
  7. Cornelius Vango

    A well-written article about... ME!

    On the second morning of the Jambo, Emma Rose came out to my place and we sat down for nearly an hour as I struggled through my immense hangover to tell her some of my story. So here's the resulting article!
  8. Matt Derrick

    Meet the junk rafts and gutter punks of the Venice CanalsNews & Blogs 

    Meet the junk rafts and gutter punks of the Venice Canals Tod Seelie Photographer In the summer of 2009, The Swimming Cities of Serenissima sailed from Slovenia to Italy, eventually making their way down the Grand Canal in Venice. The artist Swoon designed the junk rafts as a collective art...
  9. Matt Derrick

    Life on the Road as a Millennial - The Vagabus Disaster?News & Blogs 

    Life on the Road as a Millennial Ah, life on the open road. So American! Kerouac! Easy Rider! The kid from Into the Wild who ate those seeds and died! Kids are still unplugging and trying out The Hobo Life—but what happens when you add Wi-Fi and Indiegogo campaigns and iPhone apps to the...