1. NorthboundNoam

    Hey! I'm Noam

    im i traveler from israel. traveling the states with my car and looking for adventures and new friends. currently in new Mexico and trying to make my way to cali. i enjoy exploring weird places and things and try to stay off the usual route that people would take. i have been on the road...
  2. Sun

    Sage Tripp Missing In Phoenix Area

    Sage Tripp went missing Saturday, Feb. 1, after being released from a hospital in Buckeye, AZ. Her last known whereabouts were in Glendale, AZ that same day. It is suspected that she might have been headed to McDowell, AZ. She doesn’t have her dog or any gear with her. Her partner is Nickolys...
  3. sXber

    Just a boy and his rat!

    On the road again! Started from Massachusetts and ended up in Tucson, AZ for awhile. Left w a friend of a friend and met many more friends along the way but eventually we all gotta set out alone, which has me feeling a bit uneasy. I got my rat boy companion, Liam, to keep me accountable for my...
  4. Coywolf

    Idea for next Southwest leg of Trip...

    Just wanted to pitch my idea for a "Tour de Southwest" for both my enjoyment, and my YouTube channel: Planning on heading south from Flagstaff, do some hiking hiking/camping In Sedona. Then head further south and go to Cottonwood, and perhaps the Verde Valley. From here it is difficult to...
  5. cherryb0mb

    Rubber tramping in Phoenix?

    Never been to Arizona. Sick of the cold, Phoenix or Tucson? Anybody with any experience tramping thru these parts?
  6. Wesley

    Urgently in need of HELP

    Sum this up as briefly as possible. We are in need of a FAMILY Lawyer. My wife Christine has a 4 year old daughter named Luna Or should I say, WE have a 4 year old daughter. Due to life's circumstances, Luna is in the temporary custody of Christine's mother and step-father She is being raised...
  7. europeiantramp


    hey everyone, this is my introduction. i'm Loke, just got to the states from sweden where i grew up. have been moving around all my life, been homeless for 3 years, busking alot around europe. i play banjo and guitars. last year i've been living in south of sweden working, living in an...
  8. T

    How's Arizona for squatting or whatevs.

    I've always really wanted to spend some time there. I love wide open expanse and intense sun. Any one have any experience with this place? Anything you have to add is appreciated.
  9. TJisme

    Anyone in Phoenix AZ?

    Hey all, looking for some help in Phoenix AZ. I filled out my profile and put some posts under my profile to let people know about me and what I'm facing and looking for on this site...I'm a super cool chick who is super nice and willing to accept any advice or help I can get until the 20th of...
  10. Joel Grayson

    arizona shows/shit2doo?

    tramping az for the winter, looking to find some punk metal folk or grass shows out here. or other cheap/free shit to do in tucson and phoenix area. stealth camping and fly spots accepted too! anything helps, thanks!
  11. Matt Derrick

    [Jan 5-19th, 2016] Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, Quartzsite, AZ

    The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous is Almost Here! By Bob, View Original December 13th, 2015 Chili Dinner at RTR 2015. The only thing missing, was you! While I love living cheaply off-grid in a car, van or RV sometimes it does get a bit lonely. Even though the majority of us...