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  1. Originu94

    New on here in Arizona

    Hey guys I'm Ori , 32 in Phoenix. Looking for a couch or somewhere to park the van till I'm off probation end of the month. I own my own business selling beard care and candles. I ended up taking most of the last month away from my life and now I'm scrambling to get a place that my probation...
  2. Big George W

    From densely populated Connecticut to 40 Acres in the middle of nowhere, in Arizona...

    A co-worker of mine, who is probably in his mid to late 40s very recently quit his job at the plant, loaded up both of his fully equipped diesel pick up trucks, one with a slide in camper, the other with a flat bed that currently has large water tanks on it, and split out to a piece of property...
  3. NorthboundNoam

    Hey! I'm Noam

    im i traveler from israel. traveling the states with my car and looking for adventures and new friends. currently in new Mexico and trying to make my way to cali. i enjoy exploring weird places and things and try to stay off the usual route that people would take. i have been on the road...
  4. femdomkinkcpl520

    adventure seekers from Tucson Arizona

    Were so glad to have found this community and we're excited to meet some of you. We are looking to travel and meet other open minded naturalists. We hope to have contact with some bored of being qurinteed people that would like to meet up. Were friendly and don't bite unless you want us to...
  5. Sun

    Sage Tripp Missing In Phoenix Area

    Sage Tripp went missing Saturday, Feb. 1, after being released from a hospital in Buckeye, AZ. Her last known whereabouts were in Glendale, AZ that same day. It is suspected that she might have been headed to McDowell, AZ. She doesn’t have her dog or any gear with her. Her partner is Nickolys...
  6. sXber

    Just a boy and his rat!

    On the road again! Started from Massachusetts and ended up in Tucson, AZ for awhile. Left w a friend of a friend and met many more friends along the way but eventually we all gotta set out alone, which has me feeling a bit uneasy. I got my rat boy companion, Liam, to keep me accountable for my...
  7. Strangeandsolo

    Ideas on arizona to florida

    Please if i can pick your brains ! how would folks here go about hitching with a dog he's 80 lbs and one pack, 40-50 lbs, I have 0 degree sleep gear+ pad. gonna tarp it. want to go east from the west stay south. doggo is well trained and super friendly and loves cars but soft ... trains are...
  8. cherryb0mb

    Rubber tramping in Phoenix?

    Never been to Arizona. Sick of the cold, Phoenix or Tucson? Anybody with any experience tramping thru these parts?
  9. EbonyandPup

    Video pup and I tree hugging in Arizona Goals

    Looking to tag along leaving from Columbia Sc heading west Baton Rouge or Arizona will do waiting on u to text me
  10. RoadFlower33

    Quartzsite Arizona

    I have been doing some investigating and thinking about wintering in quartzside this winter. My brother has been going for several years and says it's promising and warm. Being as I just fucked my leg and am not skiing this year i decided to not be a lift operator at a ski resort or even be in...
  11. Hans

    Arizona chillin

    Hey everyone. .just bought tiny offgrid house in northern Arizona and would like to travel the coast.It would be cool if someone would like to join
  12. FromNowhere

    Looking to meet a female travel buddy in Arizona

    I just drove down from the Oregon coast to Arizona for the winter visiting family and friends for the holidays. I've kinda sorta been dating a little, but it seems like all of the women I meet are either stuck where they are, or not open to traveling the country at this time. It's kind of a tall...
  13. Wesley

    Urgently in need of HELP

    Sum this up as briefly as possible. We are in need of a FAMILY Lawyer. My wife Christine has a 4 year old daughter named Luna Or should I say, WE have a 4 year old daughter. Due to life's circumstances, Luna is in the temporary custody of Christine's mother and step-father She is being raised...
  14. Davey75

    Stuck in Eloy Arizona

    headed to west coast and got stuck in Eloy Arizona Hot as fuck lol Don't wanna just sit here...been here three days and running out of food money and people ain't cool! Any advice or tips on walking outta here in the desert???
  15. A

    Hello from Arizona

    Hello, I'm new to the site. I'm learning about RV dwelling, going to raise some goats on some private land (not as a business, just milk, occasional meat, etc). I was thinking the minimalist experience and skills of squat-culture might help me. I'm here to learn, I'm not an expert on...
  16. europeiantramp


    hey everyone, this is my introduction. i'm Loke, just got to the states from sweden where i grew up. have been moving around all my life, been homeless for 3 years, busking alot around europe. i play banjo and guitars. last year i've been living in south of sweden working, living in an...
  17. T

    How's Arizona for squatting or whatevs.

    I've always really wanted to spend some time there. I love wide open expanse and intense sun. Any one have any experience with this place? Anything you have to add is appreciated.
  18. Deadzero2100

    From Arizona

    Hello everyone my name is Brandon Arizona native from a small town called apache junction, traveling for the first time. Got a greyhound ticket to Portland Oregon where hopefully I can meet up with some of you and hopefully show me the ropes on catching freight trains firsthand. I've researched...
  19. D

    A short hitch from Utah to southern Arizona

    A couple of summers ago, I took a Greyhound bus to Price, Utah on Hwy 191 then proceeded to hitch to Huntington Canyon and hike around in the mountains there for a few days. I also camped along the Price River and began my return to Arizona on the 21st of June. The return trip took me a total...
  20. D

    Maine to Arizona hitch

    Here is a rough draft of a story about a hitch from Me to Az a few years ago. Formerly, In the USA, I would take 1 or 2 long distance Hitch Hiking trip a year. However, last year it took me 10 days to get from Linville, NC to Sierra Vista, Arizona, a trip that use to take 4 days max. I...
  21. TJisme

    Anyone in Phoenix AZ?

    Hey all, looking for some help in Phoenix AZ. I filled out my profile and put some posts under my profile to let people know about me and what I'm facing and looking for on this site...I'm a super cool chick who is super nice and willing to accept any advice or help I can get until the 20th of...
  22. Joel Grayson

    arizona shows/shit2doo?

    tramping az for the winter, looking to find some punk metal folk or grass shows out here. or other cheap/free shit to do in tucson and phoenix area. stealth camping and fly spots accepted too! anything helps, thanks!
  23. Matt Derrick

    Event [Jan 5-19th, 2016] Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, Quartzsite, AZ

    The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous is Almost Here! By Bob, www.cheaprvliving.com View Original December 13th, 2015 Chili Dinner at RTR 2015. The only thing missing, was you! While I love living cheaply off-grid in a car, van or RV sometimes it does get a bit lonely. Even though the majority of us...
  24. joey girl


    im stuck in Tucson, im ready to head out, just got outta prison and i miss all of u bros and sisters so much! im lovin u always! anywhore, im in need of a road dog who would meet up with me,and head,,, wherever with me, pick a destination, im a wanderer so i wont trip regardless, im comfortable...
  25. Izzy

    Photos Rincon Mountains + Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona

    Pre Rincon stick n poking some dirty kids in town for the Tucson Gem show. Bidding Farewell to my buddy's neighbor's pup The initial landscape near our camp Shaman Spellcheck gazing out over the valley something shiny catches his eye on the mountain side so we set off. Foraging for Eyore...
  26. Kal

    Hitching from Pueblo Colorado to Taos New Mexico and jumping a train to Tucson Arizona

    Finally I will be hitching from Pueblo to Taos tomorrow and then from Taos I plan on jumping a train to Tucson.
  27. tiltedkitten

    Regional Rainbow Gathering Arizona Feb 12-20 ish

    Being scouted right meow, no exact location as of yet but scouters will be meeting up in Sedona soon, I'll post coordinates when I find out! :)
  28. Alex the Weaver

    Flagstaff & Northern Arizona

    I just left Flagstaff again Thursday morning and wanted to post on here about some of the things going on: the Taala Hooghan Infoshop is a collective radical resource and anarchist community center that I first came to town to teach weaving workshops last year. Just outside of Flag there are...
  29. Z

    Anybody know of any squats in arizona?

    san francisco was too hillly for me, I have managed to get to phoenix,arizona. i'm homeless again,and its been raining here... anybody know of any squats ANYWHERE in arizona.? Thanks bros and gals.
  30. androsapien

    Voodoo in the Arizona Desert

    So, this is the story of my creepy voodoo encounter in bumfuck Erehnburg Arizona. Me and 10 friends had just raged a badass trip in Captain Kelly's high top hippy bus, aka "Pussy Money Weed" bus from San Diego to the beautiful wretched Slab City. After a week, me, my ol' gal Riley, and our...
  31. Meester Bomba

    Hitching Central America Arizona border to Nicaragua

    Hey so I'm thinking about crossing the border at Nogales in Arizona and hitchhiking through central america and into nicaragua sometime in february. I spent 3 months in central america this past summer and did some hitchhiking just from town to town but it definitely wasnt my primary means of...
  32. Blackout

    new mexico to arizona

    yeah im trying to get the hell out of new mexico its cold and it sux so im heading to arizona does eny one know chill playes to stay. i hitched it there last year with some crustie kids to tempi and i liked it so im heading back is eny one heading that way by chance im bymyself
  33. thunderson5

    camping out in arizona

    hey back in the early 80s sometime maybe 80-81 somwere around there,it was the first time i hitched to cali. from galveston tx. to find my mom i was about 14 at the time.anyways i remember there was a truck stop somwhere out side of either phoenix or tuscon i think it was called mothertruckers...
  34. Linda/Ziggy

    Hitching out of Phoenix Arizona !??

    Hey all, Any one have any advice re hitching out of Phoenix ?? We will either be heading out to LA or San Diego or straight to New Mexico for the Rainbow Gathering seed camp/set up. Any tips on truck stops outside the city ??? You can email us at: [email protected] Many Thanks...