1. Matt Derrick

    Instinct and empathy: The challenges female hikers face on the ATNews & Blogs 

    Photo Credit: Cory Tiger INSTINCT AND EMPATHY: THE CHALLENGES FEMALE HIKERS FACE ON THE A.T. CAPPY PHALEN 24 MAY 19 My instinct told me to run. It also told me not to run while the man could still see me. Feigning calm, I walked slowly away from him and out of his sight. The moment I felt sure...
  2. Trooper

    Appalachian Mountian Hobos

    I've never been further east of Nevada but the place that interests me the most is the Appalachian Mountains. The green, the people, the music, seems like a cool place to roll through. Anyone ever been? What is the hopping like over there? Any good stories to tell?