1. Matt Derrick

    "Make America Freight Again" StP Patches / Stickers?

    One of our moderators, @Coywolf brought up a pretty good idea for a new sticker/patch: I like that idea a lot, but I wanted to do a poll to see if folks would be interested before I commit money to getting these printed. So vote in the poll!
  2. J

    West Coast on two wheels

    Hi folks.. Have wanted to do a west coast trip on my bicycle for a while now and am now starting to plan and get ideas for around end of august, beginning of September this year. Wanting to first off get some ideas on rad places to stop along the way. Plan so far is Vancouver BC downwards to...
  3. Daman45

    Fl to WA

    I am planning to challenge myself and go to Washington from Florida. I was wondering if anyone got any tips for a long ass bike ride? Along with food, shelter, and money. I am all ears.