1. Windwalker

    Walking out of Denver

    I was walking out of Denver, Colorado with no money; well that's not true-- I had a hundred dollar bill folded in my wallet and fifty cents in the right front pocket of my black denim Levi's. But I wanted to hang on to that bill for as long as I could, so I could purchase a bus ticket back to...
  2. NohaTarek

    1st time hiking in america - advice

    Hey guys ::cat:: this is my first time to post here... i'm an international student from egypt, & this is my 1st year learning & exploring in america ::bookworm:: while in the holidays now, i want to travel... i can't afford, of course, staying in hotels & all that stuff! right now, the...
  3. Smudge

    Van lesbian seeking adventure

    Hey mob, I'm gonna be travelling around Australia for a few years, I'm in coffs staying with family for a few weeks until my van gets fixed but after that throw me a line and I'll make you a curry and read your tarot. :)
  4. D


    so how does anyone else deal? I try to stay busy, keeping things in future mind, look forward to my few visitors and seeing family and friends for winter. Though sometimes loneliness is just there and there ain't much you can do. Unfortunately too I tend to tip em back a lot more to fight this...
  5. D

    Squatting while scared and alone

    I've been feeling this way for a while, but now I know how to say it. I can't be the only that feels this way. I'm a lone poor traveler. I usually couch surf and stay in shelters, but I know it's time for a change. I want to be by myself or in a small group, now, and I really want my privacy...