alice pack

  1. MetalBryan

    My Alice...

    The reason I am posting this is sort of self-reflective but maybe some of you will find a useful peice of information. I am finally staring down an eviction I always knew was inevitable. I don't know where I'll go, necessarily, but I know it will likely be around the new year - in winter as a...
  2. S

    Are MOLLE frames shit?

    I have an ALICE pack, and I love it, but the belt and kidney pad are fucked up, so I am planning on buying a new one. But I also want a genuine army surplus MOLLE pack. Shit won't fly out when you turn it upside down, you can actually find the attachments, and ACU matches my gothgirlclique look...
  3. BenAxeMan

    Did I get ripped off on my bag?

    hey everyone, recently I ordered a medium Alice pack (super original, I know) and I have it now and the thing is pretty fucking small. Like honestly I'm not sure if they even sent me a medium. Maybe it was a small by mistake because this thing is pretty small for something called a medium. I'm...
  4. 40oz in a rut

    Are Osprey backpacks really worth it?

    Im about to be couch surfing the bay area looking for work with my life in my backpack. I was thinking about getting a ALICE pack but I noticed the hype on Osprey. My question is are they really worth $150 and if so what model be best for someone with a pack full of clothes and a sleeping bag to...

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