1. ThatBitch

    19 y/o artist in search of freedom

    hello! i have never gone camping, killed and prepared an animal, backpacked, hitchhiked, or traveled outside of the US. but i am painfully tired of this society and i'm ready to take the plunge and reconnect with the earth in the way our ancestors once did. return to our roots with me :) looking...
  2. bandit

    No longer going to STL, anyone going west?

    Heading to St. Louis on the 16th for a Dodgers game. Looking to jump off from there. No specific destination other than west. But wouldn't mind swinging through Iowa (Ames) at some point. Base gear, no animals. 420 friendly, drink but not like an asshole. Down to help with resources, also a chef...
  3. Queenp317

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to this site and interested in this way of life. Conventional living has proven to be a let down for me and I'm hoping to learn, experience, and enjoy the life I am living. I call Texas my birth place and I call Utah my home. I'm easy going, laid back, and just looking for adventure. -LP
  4. Smudge

    Van lesbian seeking adventure

    Hey mob, I'm gonna be travelling around Australia for a few years, I'm in coffs staying with family for a few weeks until my van gets fixed but after that throw me a line and I'll make you a curry and read your tarot. :)
  5. Cornelius Vango

    Video Leaving Slab City - packing up my bus and saying goodbyes

    This is the first of the videos I'll be uploading about my on-going adventure rubber-tramping poor (as fuck) from Slab City to Alaska where I have tentative plans for adventure!
  6. R

    Rasputin of the midwest

    hello everyone. I'm new to the traveling and squatting world, I'm from Wisconsin and I call myself Rasputin for a few different reasons but mainly I'm hard to kill. I guess you could call me Steven seagal but that doesn't have a nice of ring to it. Most recently I hitchhiked from Davenport, IA...
  7. hitty710

    Seeking Ride Trying to get to Atlanta or close (Dec 29-30) ill pay gas!

    If anyone could help or want to go on an adventure let me know ill pay for gas! In Hampton Virginia for now
  8. Aneles

    Looking for someone near/in CT to adventure with!

    I'm 18 years old and I went from expecting to go to college last week to realizing i have no money and so I decided I can't stay home. why? Because my mom is extremely over protective. I can't go to the store across the street by myself without her permission. it's suffocating to live like that...
  9. CoNiGMa


    Cordage is a good thing to have in a survival situation. Any type of wire, rope, string, twine, or line of any type will be useful, but stronger rope is better. It can be used for multiple purposes like lashing things together, building shelter, carrying and moving items, climbing, making a...
  10. CoNiGMa

    The Rule of Three

    In a survival situation, a person has 4 core things that he/she needs to survive. These are Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. When in a survival situation, remember the Rule of 3: You can survive for 3 Minutes without air (oxygen) or in icy water. You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a...
  11. CoNiGMa

    Video 16+ Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches or a Lighter

    Fire is essential when in a survival situation. It is used to purify and boil water, cook food, as well as other things. There are numerous ways to start a fire when out in the wilderness or in a survival situation. In the absence of lighters and matches, here is a list of various options...
  12. CoNiGMa

    Video Shelter building with natural materials

    One of the main things you need to worry about when in a survival situation is shelter, especially in cold, damp climates. If you do not have a shelter such as a tent and cannot find a suitable place to use as a shelter from wild animals and the elements, you will need to make one. There are...
  13. CoNiGMa

    Cheap Food Storage Supply

    Something you need to consider if you are preparing for a SHTF scenario is food. Storing food may seem like a daunting and expensive task, but I found a list by “AZPrepper” which makes things easier for you. He basically came up with a list of $5 food items that you can purchase each week for a...
  14. CoNiGMa

    Photos Video Alternative Uses for Common Items

    One thing you need to train your mind to do for a survival situation is to improvise with the things you have available to you. Common, everyday items can be used in a survival situation to provide you with the basics needed to survive. Some examples of things you can use that most everyone may...
  15. CoNiGMa

    Photos Animal Tracking

    Animal Tracking: Because wild creatures usually stay in hiding after a snowstorm, look for tracks about 24 hours later. You can also find tracks in mud or wet sand along beaches, streams, and lakeshores almost any time. Tracks made by members of the dog family are among those most often...
  16. CoNiGMa

    Photos Axe Care

    A good tool to have with you in the wilderness when the SHTF is an axe. It is useful for cutting firewood and wood to make things like a shelter. You need to know how to keep your axe in good shape. Before using an axe, whether old or new, you should sharpen its blade. Clamp the head of the...
  17. CoNiGMa

    Distress Signals

    Distress Signals: If you're in distress in the wilderness during the day, signal with sounds (gun, whistle, tin pans) in a series of threes, each followed by a brief silence. Continue until someone responds. In areas where a sound's effect might be limited (a valley or heavily wooded area)...
  18. germanbini

    Hippie mama hopes for fun road dawg company

    Does anyone want to take a road trip with me? I have an open van seat! :) My current home base is Iowa. I would really love to find a man who has wanderlust and would enjoy being a vagabond, hobo, hippie, traveler! Someone who wants to quit the mundane and living a conventional 9-5 sticks and...
  19. CaptainMidnight

    Hello! Sorta new to the road...

    Hi! I'm chris I am sort of new to travelling..I signed up on here not too long ago while I was housed up in san diego. I abandoned my profile because I ended up getting homesick and tried to set roots here in my native detro so i could be close to family. Things didnt go so well here, so i am...
  20. Connie2017

    Hello STP

    Hello all you beautiful peeps. Connie here. Actually, Conrad - but my students call me Connie. I am a South African currently teaching in Saudi. Unfortunately, I have been trapped by responsibility and kids and have to watch enviously as the rest of you squat the planet. But - I have 2 months...